Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pink Propaganda!

Firstly a definition of Propaganda is required:

The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

When the word Propaganda is mentioned or used it usually conjures up images of Hitler's Nazi propaganda campaign or the present day Zionist and American Propaganda which is being force upon a largely ignorant populace on this planet. However the purpose of this post has got nothing to do with such important world issues, but rather something lighter, something PINK.

I'm sure everyone has noticed the meteoric rise of the colour pink in men's clothing. Its something of a clothing revolution according to some and everyone has their own opinions on the topic, well I think its getting abit out of hand and im bold enough to label it PINK PROPAGANDA. I went shopping for some clothes a week or so back and walking into a clothing shop that specifically tailors for men I was taken aback by the multitude of different colours of pink that faced me. If the clothes were not completely pink there was splashes of pink everywhere as if an artist had ripped his eyes out and very arbitrarily painted all the clothes pink ruining them for those of us who loathe or rather dislike pink, loathe is such a harsh word. Even in stores that sell both male and female attire you cant tell the difference between the mens and the ladies section because everything is PINK, you find yourself looking like an idiot wondering whether you are in the right section until a shop assistant comes over to ask if you need help.

This Pink Propaganda started gathering momentum ever since the term "METROSEXUAL" came about and this was just made worse by tv shows like Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. They had the effect of normalising the colour pink in mens clothing and the effects can clearly be seen because pink apparently is a unisex colour. Now I have no problems with guys taking care of themselves, but guys going for facials and waxing their arms, legs and face now thats where I draw the line. The Propaganda is being continued by the major clothing labels who flood the market with pink and we are forced to accept but I will not. Pink is just not a masculine colour and looks terrible on most men, unless you are 007. On women its a different story because pink is a pretty colour and has been linked with females, just as blue is linked to males since time immemorial. Who said pink is a female colour? I dunno but it is. If you dont believe me then when you have a child and if its a boy then make his room pink and we will see whether the child develops into a man or RuPaul (or nataaniel for the South Africans out there).

The rise of pink is merely as the definition puts it a "systematic Propagation" that pink is a unisex colour, and the masses are excepting it with open arms until another colour becomes the new pink. Which is so predictable of current mental climate we live in.

Now some of you might think I'm an ego centric male who is rigid and doesnt want to except that times are changing, well im not. Times are changing but at least im not conforming to the whims and fancies of the latest fashion trends by jumping on the ever changing fashion band wagon like sheep. So who is the conformist and who is the rebel and free thinker? you decide.
Oh and for all those who use the phrase "Pink is the new Black!", for the love of all things sacred in this world please stop because Black cannot be beaten.
Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


queen_Lestat said...

The goth hath decreed: pink shall never be black, not in a million years. It's a disgusting colour even on femmes...

oink's for the masses.

Muhammad said...

arent those the same people who sport different styles of porcupine haristyles and wear oversized sun glasses at night? calling themselves Fashionistas?

and how about those God-awful fashion shows which people wouldn't be caught dead in selling at $100,000 and only seen at exclusive parties where these oversized egos go to rub up against each other, or collide... :P

...and speaking of David Beckham (shame , England's out of the world cup, there's even a store in Canal Walk called "Metro-sexual" ... it is EVERYWHERE... I got a pink long-sleeve formal shirt as a gift.

by the way the last i heard was that borwn was the new pink (whatever the fuck that's suppoed to mean).

but then again, youcould argue that you have a skin condition and need the moisturiser, spot creams and conditioners.

Too bad there's a lack of products for the soul.


Anonymous said...

I look pretty in pink so bleh :P
(go away vanity!)

However,I have to agree.
Pink for males is just plain DISTURBING.

The K-man said...

Yaah pink looks lovely on females,because it is inherently pretty.

i_am_not_who_i_am said...

I LOVE PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


fida . . .