Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It Must be LoVe LoVe LoVe NOT!!!!!!

Its the Eve of Vday (Valentines Day) and since other bloggers have had their say on the subject (some positive and some negative, No thats not their HIV status) I thought why in the blue hell shouldnt I contribute so i'll jump on the bandwagon and serve up a post on this "VDAY" phenomemon

I dont know about you guys but I think thats an awesome pic. Love Is the light in the darkness, the warmth in the cold and ones shelter from the storm. It engulfs and consumes our hearts and brightens up our lives like the Pic. The mere smile from ones significant other can move mountains and make a horrible day turn into a great one. And on somedays you may float with the intense joy it brings. However Its not all fine and dandy, its hard
but nothing worth having is easy to acquire. That all encompassing Love you have for a person could rage and rage and eventually your heart goes pop!. Some liken it to the sound of glass cracking or the extinguishing of a fire. The light in your live vanishes and you find it just that much harder to wake up everyday. Sometimes the break is mutual, sometimes its one sided and sometimes its just devastating but no matter how you depart things never return to normal. Ah such is life. Ok where am I oh yes VDAY.

Honestly I think there are much better ways to express your Love to someone then with commercialized valentine gifts and on this day in particularly. Maybe I just dont conform to such social devices but buying a loved one or an apparent loved on
e a gift just because its valentines I think cheapens your love. Its just a way of buying a person or impress someone that you can spoil them with gifts. I mean if it wasnt valentines would you get him or her something? are you just buying it because its valentines and society dictates that on valentines you have to show your love by way of gifts? Its crap and mostly fake.

Ok you die hard valentine people fine! some peole do it sincerely ok relax, No no put the knife down. Im not anti love I believe it exists and I think when you fine it you become complete as corny as that sounds (YOU COMPLETE ME jeez that movie made that line corny). But love cant be confined to a day its infinite it can be eternal. Often lust is confused with love but thats another story. The eternal embrace like the pic below shows is something that you cant be deprived off. You can be seperated for years but your love will not waver. Till death do us part and beyond.
I mean look you like or love someone do stuff on the spur of the moment (you could go to spur though isnt very romantic). Gifts are usually appreciated more when they unexpected and sincere from the heart not being dictated by saint valentine. The gifts too the mini white bears and roses (some plastic! i mean honestly what a cheapo), and other perishables dont last, they just get stuffed at the back of some closet ir the maid throws them away eventually. Flowers fade and so does ink on a card but love in most cases remains. I would rather surprise the one a love or like get her flowers out of the blue, phone her, pick her up from work and treat her to lunch or a picnic, (havent given it mush thought_) but i would like to form lasting memories more than superficial gifts.

Now Tommorow a whole lot of people will wear red and prance around looking like every other idiot wearing red. Those who accidentally wear red well tough luck you will be part of the prancing and the struting and be part of the masses. You guys know I am not a fan of pink on guys but when a guy wears a pink suit (yes i saw it last year at wits) with pink shoes I draw the line. Only reason im going to campus tommorrow is to poke fun at these retards jeez. Dont give into commercialized love, Keep it real, keep it true and you will have it for eternity

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


Priya said...

both pics are gorgeous. i seen the second one in the paper and it left me astounded!

j said...

well...i always have the same issues with vday, but then, not doing something for that someone is easier said than done...er, i mean not done.

Safi said...

i saw that pict in the paper....

well very nice post and i totally agree with you... red is over rated!! and i hate it!! if i see another teddy- i swear to god ill strangle that thing.... the only good thing about it, is chocolates!!! lots of chocolotes...

u dnt need valentines day to express one's love, flowers anyday does it for a girl!!! the only reason someone would love it to get flowers on that day is too show off...

hope u had a loveable day :)

Anonymous said...

i woke up this morning.
wore red.
went to the beautician's and realised, "oh god! it's valentine's day!"
too late.
everybody else was already wearing red and i happened to be wearing it today.
i remembered it yesterday, but forgot today - my luck hey.
but yes, i'd prefer getting a gift out of the blue and not "ok, it's v-day so i have to get you something".

qdee said...

love your writing style..
as for that pic, everyone seems to think its some lovers embrace - what if two siblings were in some horrible situation and were afraid and died that way..well we'll never know, but its nice to think of ancient love.

v day has lost its meaning, but hey, i wont say no to gifts ;)
have an awesome day.

saaleha said...

sing it with me, "what the world needs now is love sweet love...gah..."
i think i choked on a furball.


Ruby :) said...

I agree with everyone. V day is over-rated, ppl in red made me feel SO glad that i had another color on, and while i was shopping on sat in sandton city, i felt sick with the amount of teddy bears, roses and really tacky stuff in all the windows...

Salma said...

Sooo true, I agree with every single word in this so reasonable, nice post.
.." But love cant be confined to a day its infinite it can be eternal"...Yaaaah
The same happens in the "mother day"..you find someone who used to treat his/her parents so rudly, don't obey them at all and guess what?!! in the so called "mother day" he/she buy them a gift!a gift for what?!
What kind of love is that?!!

"... lot of people will wear red..looking like every other idiot wearing red"... Yeah i'm callin them idiots too.
"...Gifts are usually appreciated more when they unexpected and sincere from the heart.."
I liked this post so much,
Always keep up the good work K-man :)

Infinium said...

hmmmm... baah humbug...

almira said...

I love the skeleton pics! Yes love is a very beautiful thing, and those who are lucky enough to experience it are truly blessed.

queen_Lestat said...

"Infinium said...hmmmm... baah humbug..."

^ ditto

partieweirdo said...

i totally agree with you... nice pics too. Those power hungry uglies who make us consume only do it in order to build bigger consumerism temples. Bah!

r said...

I was 1 of th retards who wore pink on wednesday by mistake! Felt lyk suCH a loser.LoL. But thank god i was home by 10am so no1 noticed ;)
i get wat ur sayin abt vday being cheap n tacky n stuff (i also think its way over commercialised) but wat i dnt get is y ppl cnt jus accept vday as a day 2 celebrate love? Yes i kno it shud b celebrated everYday but y not celebrate it SPECIALLY on feb 14?

r said...

I think i had th besT vday this year. Went 4 an early mornin lecture, hung out with friends, smoked hukah n had breakfast, came home by 10 n crashed in front of th tv armed with dvd's, popcorn n iced coffee! Aaahhh.. Life is beautiful *insert big green Mxit grin*

The K-man said...

Priya: Yes it is a great pic truely remarkable. I wonder how they died and why they died.

J: Good to see my views are shared. Thanks for visiting J

Safi: Thanks. Chocloates make the world go around so they always a welcome food group, yes i said food group. I had a normal day :)

Fatima: Fatima you sure it was bu accident hehe.

qdee: Thanks for the compliment im truely honoured. :) You have a point it could have been siblings but the skeletons look mature and the way they are set and there legs between each other it looks more passionate than mere sibling love. Though those days siblings did get married to each other.
And ofcourse to cant say No to gifts hehe. thanks for stopping by :)

Saaleha: I would sing with you but I wouldnt want peoples ears to bleed. And where did the furball come from? you not a cat are you?

Ruby:) I wore green on v day so i was celebrating gaia and not saint valentine. Lol i was also in sandton and the teddy bears are taking over.

Salma: Thanks salma im glad you enjoy my posts and agree with it. My egyptian friend :)

infinium/queen: Bah hanbug is that all you can say ?

Almira: Yes they truely blessed I agree however some of us will never experience it :(

Partieweirdo: Thanks for visiting you have blessed us with the voice of ree-son. Glad you liked it and agree witht you on the power hungry uglies

R thats a lovely way to spend a day:) ok we can forgive you for your red indiscretion :)