Sunday, March 04, 2007

Literary Futility - The One

Day after Day
I wonder if you exist.
From dawn till dusk
You inhabit my thoughts.

Conforming to my mind.
Your shadow a shapeless form.
A ghost.
An idea of perfection.

Reality knocks gently.
You become tangible
not attainable.

My love where are you?
Why do you evade me?
Will I find you?
Am I not worthy?

I feel your radiance.
It gives me strength.
I hear your whisper in the wind
I am lost.

You wax and wane
Fleeting glimpses
In the eyes of imposters
I love you.

I hate you!
Tricked, betrayed and ignored.
You slip out of my grasp.
I cant live without you.

Mind a playground for the enlightened.
Soul Pure,
Love a plenty,
It all Falls short.

Patience the key?
Hope fails me.
Despair consumes me.
Love imprisons me.

Till the end of my days
confined to your majesty,
My mind intact.
My heart in tatters.

Wont you just let me be?
My love turns to indifference.
Let me rest my love
Let me Love you.

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


Reegz said...

lol.. ok so i've figured out why my comments are appearing.. i'm clicking preview and not publish.. who the hell put the buttons in that order!?!?!

anyhoo, dude. i like.. i wont read into it.. unless of course its over hot wings and coke..

Dew said...

Nice, Meaningful hidden in simple and sweet. Sortof reminds me of that Bob marley song "i don't wanna wait in vain for your love..."'s sad but its simple and honest.

almira said...

Love is so difficult, and above all always untangible. It a great mystery, and almost like a hormonal drug. Good post

saaleha said...

ditto the comment on illimitable voices with the addition of 'carpe!'

you are the architect:)uxamb

saaleha said...

uxamb is not the arcane mark of the BPSF (blue persons solidarity front).
its blogger word verification in the wrong text box. bleh monday.

Infinium said...

interesting.... very interesting...

and thats all i'll say on this matter

Anonymous said...

Very human poem :)

I think everyone that reads that can relate to something in it :)

Keep loving :)

Earthling ;)

The K-man said...

reegz: Dude only you. We have been deprevied of your royal reegness. Glad you like it hehe we must get some hot wings hehe we shall talk.

Dew: Glad you like it but im really horrible at this things. Dont know the difference between a haiku and a harakiri hehe (just joking). But thanks its very honest.

Almira: Glad you liked it and yes very untangible. And is mystery is only surpassed by its joy and misery.

saals: Dont try your subtle indoctrination and blue person propaganda. You know i support your cause lol.

Infinium: Very cloak and dagger, dont wanna say anythign incriminating.

Taqdeer: Yes im a human well i think i am. We can al relate to it and I will defiantely keep loving :)
Thanks my extraterrestrial friend :)

The K-man said...

Disclaimer: Oh and the post to those certain people is a mixture os fiction and truth. more fiction though so dont worry im sane and fine.


queen_Lestat said...

he's NOT sane!

Believe me!Believe me!...for I am your queen? Does that help?

I'm bad at this indoctrination shyte :/
My spin doctors lied, they all lied:(. Off with their heads?

Infinium said...

lol,obviusly i cant say anything incriminating, when have i ever sed anything incriminating, unless i wish others to know what i think... hehehehe...

so i say agen:

interesting... very interesting...

Priya said...

speaks to every soul

Bilal said...

shucks, lots of poetry and love flowing on the blog these days:P

Salma said...

WOOOOOW!! K that's so adorable!!
I liked it so much ;)
Keep on inspiring us with your writings :)

Zahira said...

hmmm your tomb stone should read...
here lies a man of deep thought

The K-man said...

Queen: Im not insane and you not in the french revolution darling we in the tear 2007 :)

Priya: I think it doesn think everyone can relate somehow.

Bilal: Guess its just that time of year hey lol

salma: hehe thanks salma so gald you liked it hehe thanks. I'll try inspire hehe

Zahira: thanks for visiting hope you do some back :) Hehe deep thought thanks so much, rather flattering infact thanks :)

The K-man said...

hmm i know its off the topic but im listening to Meatloaf - I'd do anythiNg for love...BUT I WONT DO THAT. Now its a ballad and what not but What do you guys think wont he do?

Zahira said...

lol have an orgy :)lol sorry just had to say that

The K-man said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! LOL oh my word meatloaf in an orgy I think the less said the better. :)

Zahira thanks for that %)

queen_Lestat said...

OMW the Prison Song! ahahahhahah