Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tribute to Mothers

A blessing upon us.
She is strong,
She is Compassionate,
She is a Mother.

Her love all encompassing.
She Is Beautiful,
She is protective,
She is a Mother.

Our best interests are her priority.
She is an inspiration,
She is our pillar of strength.
She is a Mother.

She raised us.
She is a sculpter,
She moulds us
She is a Mother.

Heaven Lies beneath her feet.
She deserves your respect,
She cannot be forgotten
She is your Mother.
I have always loved that picture since I got it. Its so pure, beautiful, protective and powerful. It shows what a mother can be. A mothers instinct is ingrained and only reserved for her children. Mothers deserve all the love and respect we can give them. Lots of women these days (and im generalizing) feel that when they get married and have kids they somehow loose their independence and "freedom". I completely disagree being a mother is no small feat and thinking that its below the societal norm of what a women is suppose to be is an insult to the very institution that is motherhood. Its a slap in the face of your mother, it minimizes her struggle to raise you and throws it to the way side to be taken for granted. Women you should be proud.

Well hopefully you all had a great Mothers day and treated your mothers to something special.

Happy Mothers Day
The Lone Writer


M Junaid said...

err - that picture is .. yeah.. its err. you know.. hot!

Dew said...

awww. thats so sweet.
K Man you rock. If boys out there were all like you there would much less divorces nowdays.

Yeah, my mum rocks!...but she'll kill me. I stole the computer room key and came here while im still 'banished' from the room...but yeah, she still rocks. I love my mum:)

Zahira said...

mmm MK dont lie you like that pic for other reasonslol

saaleha said...

i miss my mommy:(

infinium said...

kewl post man, and you were right about that picture, totally awesome...

Haseena said...

mums are the best
but mothers day is tiring
im still tired after cooking a whole meal for my mum on sunday
nice poem

Nadz said...

lol,pic is wikked and so is your post guy.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a good pic. It screams instinct.

It's also beautiful that you wrote a post for mothers :)

The K-man said...

MJ: It is Hot but look deeper man :)

Dew: Lol thanks for the compliment dew. You rock as well :) and im just me hey but thanks you awfully sweet :)

zahira: Lol its a sexy picture i will admit has everything. Though im not a fan of blondes.

saals: shame poor thing this post dedicated all mummies your included :)

Infinium: Thanks man glad you liked it. Hot wings soon man

Haseena: Mums are the best hey. I took my mum out for lunch so no cooking for me. Glad you liked the poem :)

nadz: Thanks hey it is wicked.

Taqdeer: It does scream instinct, and that baby is cute also. Mothers deserve much more than a post but thanks :)

queen_Lestat said...

nice one...that pic is awesome

The K-man said...

QL: Thanks Queen :) Its aweome on so many different levels

qdee said...

awesome pic :)

Anonymous said...

lol great pic.
hehe..i think of my nephew and i though lol when i see it :)

that is really a great post k-man :D

The K-man said...

Qdee: Thanks for the smile. Glad you like the picture :)

Fatima: Glad you liked the pic and the post. Its what i really feel so its from the heart :)