Sunday, August 12, 2007

*cough * Judgmental *cough*

Dear Blog_Critic

I thank you for your tremendous contribution to this blog. Through your comments which are laced with vindictive, malicious sarcasm I have realized that you are a very judgmental person who merely feels an innate desire to criticize others so that you can some how feel high and mighty about yourself. I completely understand that you have nothing else of substance to write about so being a blog critic was the next best thing which you seem to have embraced with the dedication of a shaolin monk. You don't seem to be able to be accepting of anything that is not in accordance with your subjective opinion on what constitutes quality and blatantly degrade and put down those that do not conform with these subjective values which you hold so dear.

You are a destructive critic who pounces on the smallest deficiency in a persons writing and in doing so somehow feel as if you are doing a public service. I assure that your opinion with regards to my writing or anyone else's is not wanted or needed as you don't really matter in our lives. Of course we don't mean anything in your life yet you still feel it necessary to bombard some of us with your comments, this I do not understand and I think you over estimate your importance in this blogosphere. I know the answer will be that "if you write crap expect to hear about it", but your blog or lack thereof states that you don't comment on blogs you don't like so again you contradict yourself as you clearly don't like my blog as it bores you. Do you think it concerns me if you are bored? I think not.

I don't expect you to stop with your comments and constant assumptions that some of us are somehow inferior to yourself and that we are retards and that we should think before we write. You seem to take blogging seriously so I will leave you to fact I'll give you a pat on the back for finding your purpose in life, not many can say that and im sure since you are someone of extreme intelligence that you have realized this.

However in your attempt at being antagonistic I can see some hint of constructive criticism, which coming from you is amazing. You may have a point that my writing has lacked that something and I will be the first to admit that my grammar and spelling recently has been atrocious. However this is due to the fact that unlike your supreme self I haven't had time to proof read my posts or spell check them or be bothered since I've been a tad bit busy in real life. So pardon my human flaws we don't all aspire to be someone such as yourself, perfect and all knowing. I find blogging therapeutic so hence I've been blogging on a whim and rambling even, do I need your permission to that? Again I think not.

My intention in my last post was not to showcase how perfect my life is, which it isn't, but was to allude to the point that this world is a mad one where one can experience ups and downs and that no matter how well things are going one cannot forget the hard times. I apologize for experiencing some happiness in my life, ill be sure to check with you first before I do again.

So I thank you for that comment of yours and I will try to rectify my writing to my standards and not yours, but I still feel your aim is clearly to antagonize people and to get a reaction. Yes this is a reaction and I'm sure your harem of blog friends will descend upon this post and blog like vultures picking it apart. They are free to do so, whilst giggling and laughing at my stupidity and lack of a brain.

I know im not perfect and I know that I never will be, but do you know this about yourself?

Now have your opinion but this will be my last and only response to your opinions.

It is not advisable, James, to venture unsolicited opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener.Ayn Rand (1905 - 1982), Atlas Shrugged, 1957
Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


Anonymous said...

YES! finally someone who has the balls to put that malicious and aggravating moron and his arrogant friend in their place! Nice one kman.

Infinium said...

lol, sheer brilliance mate, sheer brilliance...

Infinium said...

Dammit don't you just hate it when you forget to type something in a previous comment?



Although i think that you should have let me have written this, and while i know you aren't a "in your face" type of person mate, i feel you actually subdued your response, i would have laid waste to his mediocre psyche and be utterly malicious to him, but hey i guess thats why you didn't give me the heads up... hahaha

Again i repeat, Sheer brilliance mate... :) YOU'RE MA BOIIIIII!!!!!

blog_critic said...

Yes, Im sure your friends are all patting you on the back and other such lovely things but just one point-this type of 'putting people in their place' banter in especially this style was funny and intelligent when queen lestat did it a few days ago.Again,you fall short.Sorry about that.Try being more original next time.

Love and kisses

The K-man said...

Mr Blog critic

This was not meant to be funny and if you are inept at seeing the difference between my post and that which queen lestat posted then you are clearly blinded by your over inflated ego.

Your pitiful excuse of a comment which tried to deflect the focus on to me was really poor, please I encourage you to try again (maybe you can use some "big words") oh and did i put you in your place? you admitted it not me.

As for originality, wow you are definately blind, your pre pubescent rants about everyones blogs are the same, no flair no deviation from your "model answer". I think you are a really bitter person.

Also thanks for not hogging the comment page with your opinions which frankly dont even deserve a response. I see you didnt have much to say this time.

Oh and your sarcastic love and kisses sign off adorable, do you have a stuffed animal collection?

Infinium said...


"Love and kisses"

To me that sounds like a "MWAH" sign off, something he dislikes???

I tell you the hypocrisy these days???

And blog_critic, don't try to make it seem that you were being sarcastic?? because you weren't, that wasn't a deliberate attempt at sarcasm that was a subconscious reflex action on your typing.

I love this post man...

Dew said...

Kman - you and Queen rock.You said what you felt and covered all your bases reasonably well.
Hmmm.think I have to get a black background and then I'll be able to seem clever (why is it that all the clever interesting ones have black backgrounds - Queen, you, cujo, saaleha & more that i can't think of at the moment.)


blog_critic said...

My pre pubescent rants? lol take a nice long slow read at your own posts like that nice guys finish last kak.

Like i say you used to have something vaguely interesting to read.

U keep telling everyone every where i comment about my profile,ty for reading it.Shows you dont think when u are reading.if you do this time then dont tell me i changed it because i didnt.

Thanks for the post in my honour,even if it wasnt funny or intimidating as you had hoped.Im a blog celebrity now maybe i should post something new.Im going to take a guess here and say that I bet u are really busy putting gr8 post comments all over hoping more people come and read this post.So ultimately ty for the traffic to my

The K-man said...

Mr blog critic

Check out the big brains on blog critic. My my arent you a feisty one. Lol I see you have read all my posts shame, they were so bad but you still read them. Again I see you trying to deflect the attention away from you and on to me, tsk tsk....

You still dont read or you are unable to read when someone is as you said is "putting you in your place", the truth hurts doesnt it?

You take blogging way to seriously do you realize or remember the real world? I pity you oh blog critic what an empty life you lead, roaming from blog to blog havent nothing else to do. shame.

You also dont seem to read properly as I have clearly stated that this was not meant to be humorous or intimidating, ill leave that to you. This was merely an attempt to show how judgmental and egotistical you really are.

And now you have revealed your main aim which was merely to get exposure! a.k.a paris hilton.... you talk rubbish and get publicity. WOW ingenious, are you writing her memoirs of how to become famous? well you may be a blog celebrity but will be forgotten like a fart in the wind.

Thanks for helping me make my point about you. Really couldnt have done it without you. Now I know you are just an attention seeker, you like the spot light?

oh and you going to write something new? please dont joke about stuff like that.

nice attempt but please try again, its seems like you enjoy making futile attempts :)

ZK said...

words need not say what i feel :P


as i said before "I'm way more then others see me as...I don't stoop"


ooooo before i forget


safiyyamk said...

i think that sums up everyones feelings...

The Organ Harvester said...

ze germans are coming.
completely off topic, but i loved the movie snatch.

fatima said...

i don't know who this person is, but a member of the peanut gallery comes to mind.

lol, k-man, did u sign up for a blog critic? or does someone just have an unusual amount of time free to criticize without a point?

shame. what a waste of his time.
weirdo doesn't get attention. probably tried to blog but didn't get very far as he has nothing of worth to mention.

irshaad said...

you will make an excellent lawyer dude.well done

Salma said...
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