Sunday, September 21, 2008

Art Lesson.......

Most of you will recognize this work of Art. Its the work of Edvard Munch and its appropriately referred to as 'The Scream'. Now for those who would like to know more about this painting I refer you to the source of modern knowledge in our technologically lazy era Wikipedia.

Now im not going to bore you with a Artistic perspective on this piece or a discourse into impressionism or something which should be confined to the safety of lecture hall. I always wonder why the hell is this poor mis-shapen figure screaming. Is it because 'it' (I feel is gender neutral) is terrified of the 'water under the bridge' it stands upon? Is it screaming because of what the two figures walking away from it said or did? or because the artist felt it necassary to paint it in such a tormented way?

All I know is that sometimes we all feel like this poor mis-shapen figure and we all need to scream. Some really scream whereas others manifest their screams in other colourful ways. Currently I need a great big scream. Come on everyone SCREAM.......

Why do you think The Figure is Screaming?

I Scream You Scream
The Lone Writer


KiLLa said...

Dude is screaming....

"ooo i look llike a alien"

"ooo we running outta paint"

"ooo i need a garmin"

"ooo im a martian"

"giving azaan" - lol

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

I used the painting in an advert we had to do for our Matric English portfolio. It was for a fictional insurance agency.
The tagline was something like, "He should've insured with Surety"
A bit bleh in retrospect:)

r said...

he/she couldn't find Eid clothes and the 2 departing figures have just purchased the only decent thing left in Rosebank..

Zahera said...

OOhh i love this pic! its one of my favs :-D I had a longgg discussion a few years back with someone about what it could possibly mean/represent. What Munch was trying to depict etc.

Loving all the theories here, eapecially R's :-P loooll
But heres another one for you- The man in the foreground is actually a schizophrenic and the 2 figures in the background are a figment of his imagination.

The swirly whirls are a reflection of the chaos and disorder that this man endures and this is how he views his life. He is trapped in his own mind.

Nooj said...

i think his motivation matters less than the fact that we can all identify with this expression. i scream out loud in horror movies. therefore i never get any company