Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Solitary Post

Does This Work???/ because I spent all day thinking of a title for this blog so it better !

Well If you are reading this then it does work. You are either reading this because you know me, or you just stumbled upon this blog by accident. Your accident could be attributed to an act of of Divine intervention or could just be an accident and in that case you shouldn't waste your time and get a move on to the blog that you intended to view, however I ask you to stay awhile and just spare a thought.

For those who believe it was an act of fate I hope I can entertain you and open your mind to the randomness that is mine. Lets take a moment and look at the title of this post. The title of this post may be abit misleading because this will surely not be the "Solitary Post" on this blog, it was just a cool title I thought up, very arbitary. I mean if it was meant to be a solitary post than I would definately be someone that is really bored with life, and no sir im not that person.

Well its really late and My brain is shutting down for the night so ill leave you with the lyrics of the song im listening to Bob Dylan - Stuck in the middle with you "Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right!...... Stuck in the middle with you"........Yes you!

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


MasterOfChi said...

Yes it does, well done you'r officially a blogger

queen_Lestat said...

Now you can say that yes you too have been inducted into that elite group(your badge and instructions for the secret handshake are in the post), you too can have a blog to call "mine, my own, my preciousssss"...

The K-man said...

Yes Thanks alot, I hope i can produce work to be enjoyed no just mediocre.

saaleha said...

lookie, i stumbled.
and your first blog post on my birthday too.
you are so destined for greatness.

The K-man said...

Its Destiny i tell you destiny