Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blood Sucking Leeches, Lawyers?

There are a variety of leeches on earth, but the most commonly known (and ironically the rarest) are haemophagic parasitic blood-sucking leeches, which have been show cased in many an action movie sucking the blood of the hero and now are also used as a medical treatment. However in my opinion one variety of "so-called" blood sucking leech has been given a bad reputation by a few bad apples. The leeches’ I am talking about are Lawyers. Now looking at my profile you may have seen that I am a law student so of course I would be bias towards lawyers, but this is the "Second Age" of my studies and in the "First Age" I was a science student so I am objectively writing this.

It is true that some lawyers do in fact SUCK the life out of their clients and are only concerned with the amount of money they can make but this is not the case with all lawyers. These lawyers are described in the first part of this quote:

"A lawyer without history or literature is a mechanic, a mere working mason; if he possesses some knowledge of these, he may venture to call himself an architect." Sir Walter Scott
They are merely simple mechanics (no offence to any mechanics reading this) of law, trying to fix the problem in the quickest way possible not using their moral judgment nor taking into account that they are dealing with the affairs of another person.

A true lawyer as the second part of the quote mentions is an "architect" who uses his knowledge to try and represent his client in the best way possible. It must be remembered that morality or ones personal sense of morality and law are separate constructs. This may be the reason why people have a bad image of lawyers, they don’t understand that legal decisions may be morally wrong but legally correct, no body says that the legal system is full proof but with out which, we would surely be in a state of anarchy. People study and practice law to promote law and the ethos of fairness and justice, not just to make a fast buck, and nobody can argue that they haven’t studied a particular degree or gone into some business venture not to make some sort of money so why should lawyers be looked at differently.

Law is not an easily grasped discipline that’s why Lawyers provide an important service to society serving as the link between the common man and our judicial system. The tangled mess that is our judicial system will never be truly straightened out, but lawyers aid in untangling some of the tricky knots. People get themselves into such predicaments but never fail to lambaste their lawyers who are there to assist them and pull them out of the quagmire they find themselves in. One minute its "thank you", the next minute it like they did it all by themselves, the nerve of the ignorant is amazingly vast.

"O what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive"
Living with a lawyer for my entire life I have first hand knowledge that lawyers have fleeting moments to relax or spend time with their families because they are at the beck and call of their clients at any time. It is as if their clients own them, just as a master owns a slave. Clients are always impatient and everything has to be done on their time, they forget that just like them, lawyers are human and can only do a certain amount of work in a day. Clients may in fact be the real leeches.

In my opinion the reputation of a lawyer will always be shrouded in deceit and lies, which is not the case and lawyers will still be called "liars" because apparently they lie for a living but I assure you they don’t. So please the next time you feel like saying something nasty about lawyers just think, you may need their help one day, and hopefully you won’t get a blood sucking parasite of a lawyer to represent you.

Got to thank Queen_Lestat for the quotes, it just sparked something in my head.

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
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queen_Lestat said...

No problem :). Gotta say you've used them well. Weird that I read your post only today cos I was thinking of asking you summing similar today.Great minds me friend, great minds...

LOVE the LOTR reference :P

*sigh* in an ideal world, anarchy'd be the order of the day

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