Friday, July 21, 2006

Campus Beckons!

The sheer peace, solitude and reckless abandonment which are all link to childhood innocence is finally over. Now I didn’t undergo any kind of Freudian hypnotic treatment nor did I undertake some spiritual journey with a hermit named Bob to the Himalayan Mountains, the simple truth is that my holidays have finally come to an abrupt and shuddering end and the beast that is WITS is calling for blood.

On Monday thousands of students arose from their slumber in the early hours of the morning, rubbing their eyes and thinking to themselves, why? Why do we do this to ourselves why? Memories of the month that had been flashed before them, just as fast as the month had done. The realization dawned upon them, that it was now finally over, the uphill battle was about to begin, caffeine driven and with a silly smirk they prepared to brave to cold, traffic and minibus taxi’s just to appease this monstrosity.

No matter how hard they tried the beasts call could not be ignored. Like mindless ants driven by instinct they flocked from every direction to the cold unforgiving embrace of the beast. The daily rituals of fighting for parking (Survival of the Earliest) followed by students scurrying around to their respective lectures had begun. Their faces consumed with dread, they took their seats and prepared to assimilate the knowledge that was thrown at them, whilst battling against the natural response to sleep.

Why do they do this? Because strangely enough, however evil or sinister it seems there is a feeling that the beast brings knowledge, power, and a sense of accomplishment. The beast prepares us for the cut throat reality which lingers beyond its stone walls and boom gates, servitude to the beast is nothing compared to servitude to the working world. It drains our very essence only to replace it with so much more.

The beast has called and I have given in to its will.

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


saaleha said...

wait till you embrace that other beast-Formal Employment-that f#####'ll digest you.
sigh...i miss Wits-havent visited in ages. Espress still good for coffee and the view?

The K-man said...

The View is still good but they got a new owner last year, coffee very expensive now and not very nice. Has seriously degraded since 02, and so has the matrix with steers not being hallal anymore. It is sad!

saaleha said...

aw :(
that is a shame.
that Peter was kewl, do they still own the Nino's - their double espressos were decent.

The K-man said...

Nino's managment also changed as far as I know, though i stand to be corrected. I know there was a egyptian guy owning it a while back, now i think its a greek guy.

Campus is just sad nowadays,I got 2more years to finish my second degree and i hope it flies by.

queen_Lestat said...

campus is sad on my side too. The new breed's dumber than ever before and they totally kill the experience...

but good old Coffee Buzz, same crap coffee with the smatterings of really good cups in between, same lovely dark corners, different morons.