Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Proudly South African

A couple of days ago whilst I was checking my favourite blogs I came upon a comment which led me to a very disturbing blog. This blog which is written by a South African portrays South Africa as a vile and sick country, and tells it's South African readers that they should leave the country because it is going to the dogs. The disturbing thing is that this one sided negative view is shared by hundreds of South Africans that have commented on this blog.

I will be the first to say that South Africa is not by any stretch of the imagination a utopian society where people live in harmony and peace with each other. Everyday in the news you hear of murder, rape, robbery, corruption, abuse and other injustices and im afraid that we as a people have become completely desensitized to this madness. The rate and frequency of these events are increasing with each passing day and there seems to be no end in sight. Such is our plight that our homes have become private prisons, where we barricade ourselves from the outside world.

This is a grave and dire situation and we need to take stock of it but we shouldn't only focus on these negatives such as crime because crime is a global problem and not specific to South Africa. Rather we should take time to look at what makes this country the true democratic rainbow nation. We are a free people, freer than our grandparents ever dreamed. Black and White for generations were institutionalized to loathe each and this built a solid wall of prejudice and pre conceived ideas, but today these walls are crumbling and Black and White are working together to build a better nation which is free from the injustices of the past. South Africa stands out as a model for the world showing what can happen when people forget their differences and come together for a common goal.

The South African people are a sturdy bunch which has been plagued by all sorts of crimes and injustices for years whether it was during the apartheid era or now in the post apartheid South Africa. We came through the struggle against racism and oppression and we shall come through this current crime crisis. All we need is some initiative to face the problem head on instead of leaving this country or sitting around and merely complaining about it. We are her children and we owe it to her and to the Thousands that died to secure our future

When I hear our nation anthem my heart fills with passion and I feel a sense of belonging, a sense that I am apart of a truly wonderful nation. I am truly proud to be a South African.

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


i_am_not_who_i_am said...


i am proudly south african -

people that emigrate from south africa in search of - peace happiness contentment money better life ect ect - are in actual fact leaving all of it without even realising it -

south africa rocks!!!! heaven on earth - gods country!!! -

Anonymous said...

oh yeah!
my sentiments exactly!

people wanted immediate change when apartheid crumbled, but what country became a force of strength only 10yrs after complete freedom?

i don't think any country has become a force after 10yrs...they were still fighting their little battles.

there's a lot of work that needs to be done and the only way we can do that is by standing together and contributing and not running to a different country and helping that country succeed.

The K-man said...

Exactly, im glad you guys share my sentiments. we in our infancy, be in time we shall become a force not only on the African continent but in the global arena.

Yebo 2010!

queen_Lestat said...

I was born in South Africa and I'm proudly South African. We have our faults, who doesn't? We've come so SO far and I will not give up the freedom I have in this country now (based on the history) for anywhere else on Earth.

Nkosi Sikele Afrika, to the end...

saaleha said...

mzansi for life.
Can't handle these doomsday whingers, we're better off without them, let 'em emigrate and leech of some other country's infrastructure.

Ruby :) said...

I am not an inverted racist, nor do i discriminate against people of any color/creed, but I think the majority of these ppl that are not happy in SA today, are from the "previously advantaged " i.e. "white ppl" reason being... indians and blacks stood together and fought aparthied, supported each other in the beliefs etc. and whilst there may have been whites that also helped bring an end to the apartheid regime, the majority just sat there, and regardless of whether they agreed/disagreed with the AR, they reaped in the benefits that their skin-color gave them. and now, after freedom has been won, They have realised that all that they took for granted is no more, hence, they now HATE SA, hate being white, hate having to give up their jobs to BEE etc. their priviledge is now being taken away!!! so, what better way to retaliate, than to make SA bad, and move away to a place where they are welcome ... go, we will help pack ur bags for u to leave...

The K-man said...

I completely agree, this country has one of the worlds best constitutions that protect us and especially religiously, and now people wanna leave.

If you wanna leave


queen_Lestat said...

yeah I'll be right there to open the door for you as well. Wouldn't want you to take your eyes of your luggage for a second.

Bilal said...

i agree. if you dont like it, get the hell out! we dont want you idiots here!
- Proudly South African Muslim

Muhammad said...

This topic gets me so angry. It constantly reminds me of one thing... Australian Expats... those who complain so much it'll make you sick. Their only justification for moving is not how great australia is.. it's only how bad South Africa is, and underneath it all ... all you can sense is a sort of half-hearted jealousy, because I think they realise they have made the wrong choice.

Anyhow. I too sing the national anthem, fervently... let's face it, this is a freakin great country.

To all the haters, Kiss MY (_|_)

fly the flag up high!

as Bilal said, Proudly South African Muslim.



Tyler Worgan said...

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