Friday, September 15, 2006

Literary Futility - Dreams of Fear

I started writing a blog post but then it turned into a futile attempt at my own creative writing. I havent done any creative writing since school so bare with me its been awhile. And its not in line with the theme of my blog in a way. So here you go:

He woke up startled, disorientated and disturbed soaked to the bone in an icy cold sweat. A dream which he could not and did not want to remember lingered vaguely in his mind. He lay motionless as if he had died in his bed. Eyes closed trying to remember but his mind was blank and stagnant. What was it, what did it mean?

Opening his eyes as if for the first time, his vision blurred and speckled with purple spots as if he had looked into two bright lights. The blurriness passed but the purple spots remained burned onto his retina. He could see a loose light fitting hanging from a crumbling rotten ceiling above him. Where was he? This was not his room it couldn’t be but it felt familiar as if he had been here before.

He peered around the dimly lit room trying to observe every detail. The room was long and narrow but the end of the room was not visible and flowed into darkness. The windows covered by wooden planks placed in a haphazard manner only allowing flickers of light to pass through. The walls were grey and soiled as if they were meant to be this way. There was no furniture except for a rickety old rocking chair and the bed in which he lay. He was surprising calm. Trying to remember what had happened to him Who had brought him here and why?

A cold trickle of sweat rolled down his forehead and off his face, suddenly he heard a voice. It was faint and inaudible and it was coming from behind him, from behind the wall. With his heart beating faster and faster he turned towards the origins of the voice, his pupils already dilated suddenly constricted as he was face to face with two flaming red glowing eyes. Instead of being scared he was fixated, no matter how much he wanted to he could not close his eyes or turn away from these abysmal eyes. They were speaking to him but he could not understand, or maybe he didn’t want to understand. The rickety old chair began to rock slowly and abruptly a spine chilling sensation slithered down his spine, he felt rejuvenated, he felt more in control and he broke the gaze that had transfixed him. The eyes disappeared and the voice stopped.

He knew he had to get out, he knew he could not stay in the room because whatever was behind the wall wanted his obedience, wanted his living soul. He got out of bed and began to run barefoot towards the darkness at the other end of the room. His steps became heavy , no further from the wall he eventually stopped. What was happening to him? Could this be real?

He turned back towards the wall and saw that cracks were starting to appear in the moldy wall. Something was trying to come through something wanted to get him. He began to run again, tears rolling down his face pleading with God to help him. His screams only resonated off the walls of this God Forsaken room back into his skull it was no use he was doomed. As cracks grew the voice became louder and more malevolent and it was accompanied by the loud banging of drums. Images of suffering and horror flashed before him. He was starting to crack he could not take it anymore he had to get out he had to escape. Finally he could see a shape at the other end of the room it had a bluish glow. What was it? Could this be his salvation?

A door, it was a door. It was misplaced and out of proportion it didn’t belong in this room but rather it belonged in a more opulent home. It didn’t belong in this room just as he did not belong here. It was a massive oval door made out of either oak or mahogany with gold and silver symbols emblazed on it. It didn’t have a handle, a latch or lock of any kind and seemed sealed from within the room. Through the cracks between the door and wall an eerie blue fluorescent light was visible and he could feel a cool breeze. He needed to open the door but how?

The cracks in the wall behind him started widening and similar to the colour of the eyes a bright red glow shone through. The wall was almost breeched it was only a matter of time he needed to open the door but he couldn’t. He tried everything but the door would not budge. He gazed upon the symbols etched on the door and he knew that they were the key but he could not read them.

The voice was now becoming unbearable searing its inaudible words onto his ear drum. The sound of the drums made the room shake and it started to collapse. He banged the door with all his might but it was no use force would not be enough he would need more.

Looking at the wall crumbling he resigned himself to his fate and with a silly smile looked upon the wall with rank disregard as if saying “show me what you got” If he had a cigarette this would be the part in the movie where he lights it up before the final showdown with his nemesis.

The wall disintegrated with a sudden bang. He could see the flaming eyes but it was now embedded into a distinct human figure. It was breathing heavily and walking towards him dragging its left foot. Every step it took scorched the floor. The figure stopped just before him. it looked at him in a pitiful manner. It raised him to his feet and stared at him quizzically. He tried to resist but he couldn’t he had to see this being he had to see what was going to be responsible for his demise. He glanced at the being’s red flaming eyes and was once again transfixed by its gazed. He stared in its eyes for what seemed to be an eternity but instead of being afraid he was content. He felt the pain and suffering of his past fall away. His guilt and his fears evaporated. He actually felt better in the hands of this being. Was this being his salvation?

The voice continued to ring in his head but it was softer and more audible. He could hear it he could finally hear what it was saying. “Let go of your Fears” “Let Go of your Fears” “Take a chance and you will live” He felt less transfixed and was amazed at who the being looked like. He could swear he was looking into a mirror or the being was him.

The drums stopped and then it then let him go. He dropped to the ground like a lifeless corpse but he felt content and happy. The being stared at him and then began his walk back to the broken wall. He looked at the being walking away and felt the need to thank him from releasing him from his pain. He turned to the door which was open. The cool breeze came forth and bathed his body with a fresh sense of hope. He got up from this ordeal a better person and walked through the door a new man, a free man.

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


queen_Lestat said...

we all have to face our nightmares to understand what's keeping us back from living our better dreams out.

Sometimes we have to watch the monster die, to know that it's dead....

Nice one, very descriptive

fida said...

oi! everytime i come to your blog....i get feelings of darkness depth despair....blackness....and what type of pictures are those???? looks like hell to me!

i hope this is not a reflection of your personality!!!

the story from what i could read without trying to get a glimpse of the awful pic, was well written and descriptive....

ps: i also had a nightmare last night...wont tell you what you might just go posting pics on it!


The K-man said...

hey fida thanks for the compliments (well written and descriptive). Sorry about the pictures i felt it was apt for the story.

I assure you its not a reflection of my personality and ill write something happy next time :)

Sorry about the nightmare

Bilal said...

wicked stuff dude!

Cevris said...


Nice blog, but a little bit too dark huh? The pics are frightening too :)

Take care!

Derek said...

Where did you think that up from?

Kinda Scary I must say. I like The pIctures

The K-man said...

@Cevris: Hey im glad you like my blog and ill try to write about something beautiful and not so scary. Well i Hope

saaleha said...


a little dark yes, but that makes the resolution all the more reassuring.

thanks for sharing:)

Ruby :) said...

your writing is excellent, but iu have to agree with the ladies.. your pics are scary:( :(
come now, we wait for a happy, airy fairy post okay ....

The K-man said...

Thanks. Ok i will try make the next story happier but not airy fairy i doubt i can do that. But definately happier. :)

Muhammad said...

very nice :) I like!


zee said...

man youre actually reeeeely good at tis:)

im actually a bit envious of your style of writing:)

The K-man said...

Zee: Thanks man really appreciate it