Monday, September 25, 2006

Evolution of Man WTF?

Hi guys I promised a Happy post with butterflies and rabbits and hello kitty stationery scattered along around a happy meadow with enya playing in the background, well i didnt promise all that and this is not it even if i did post something along those lines which im not. This however is a definite break from my recent "dark" posts with "scary" pictures........ ahem
Infact this is not a post, wait come to think of it you guys are not even reading this !

I came along this amusing animation.

Image Hosted by

if you cant see it click here

All I ask is do you agree with it?

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


The K-man said...

Am i the only one that can see the animation?

The K-man said...

Ok if the image isnt working now you can click on the link, im sure that works. well hopefully

Muhammad said...

I see it. Funny.

Feminist website perhaps? lol.



P.S. i like the scary pictures.

queen_Lestat said...

uggggghhh am I the only one that can't see it STILL? You know what, your other posts werent scary and neither were the pics(to those of you that got scared, you should RPG and game a bit more :Þ), but what I find disturbing is your description of happiness.

hello kitty? hello kitty? HELLO KITTY? uurrrrrgggghh lol me and cats again lol

The K-man said...

IT is very feminist lol

If you want scary pictures ill give you scary pictures. i got tons more.


Ruby :) said...

sorry, tried a couple of times, but still couldn't see the animation... thanx for trying though.. guess the scary pics work better hey?

The K-man said...

Ive tried like a million things i wonder whats wrong. Well somethings dont work for a reason

saaleha said...

i see it! i see it!


give the boy another banana.

The K-man said...

lol@ Saaleha

This animation is choosing who can see it. Visble to some but not to others. strange indeed.

zee said...

i cant see it -even when clicking on the link

u guys and your adsl lines just piss me off! :)

take care:)

Anonymous said...

the gifted ones can see it :P


Anonymous said...

wellll, welll the person that requested it.........cant see iguesss the scary pictures only work then??????

Bilal said...

i see it!

Anonymous said...

i see it too... no adsl lines mate... 56k baby...yeah the only way to go...