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Well its been a while since ive blogged, so in the spirit of this most auspicious month I may aswell blog on Ramadaan and couple of issues. Firstly I know its abit belated but Ramadaan Mubarak to all My readers (hey better late than never is what I say) hope the fasts and the spiritual detoxification has been going well.

This month that we have been blessed with is truely remarkable, we get a chance to renew our spiritual connection with Allah Ta'ala (God) and plant the seeds for our eternal garden in the Hereafter (Heaven). Now we should be doing this throughout the year and not only during Ramadaan but lets be honest, we are not saints but all sinners so we should take this time to attone for some of our past transgressions and turn over a new leaf on life. (Disclaimer: for all those saints out there I do apologize).

Part 1
This is also easier said then done because in Ramadaan time seems to be a very rare commodity (well maybe its just me). Life carries on and we cannot forgo our responsibilities. This makes trying to increase our levels of prayer (in any form) very difficult and the only thing that seems different from the rest of the year is that we remain hungry during the day and that we have to read taraweeh at night. Now maybe I have to manage my time more efficiently but its honestly sometimes its really hard. My day goes something like this : I go to campus and have lectures from 8 till 5, by the time I get back home its almost iftaar thereafter its taraweeh which is tiring especially if the Imam reads in a MONOTONOUS tone. I get back and have to do work for the next day (assignments, tests, etc), then try to get enough sleep before sehri so that I can get up in the first place, and dont seem completely zonked the next day in lectures. Time is definately not on my side. Now as I said maybe its just me and everybody else has enough time to pray and fulfill their other responsibilities but I just find it hard to finr time for everything in the day. Ok thats my mini rant

In Ramadaan people undergo a holy-fication process, ladies are always in scarf, guys are in kurta and keep beards........ Mashallah. Now who am I to Judge anyones intentions or dedication to islam in this glorious month so I wont, however I will say a couple of things. Its very commendable that people try dress and behave in a manner fitting for such a month but isnt it a little bit hypocritical that this only lasts for a month and is discarded like an empty chocolate wrapper when the announcement of Eid is made. For some the change is merely aesthetic and they continue behaving in an unislamic manner especially unmarried couples. Now im no saint and im not looking down upon these couples from a high and mighty tower of righteousness but please could these "couples" stop all their touchy feely shinanigens in public and have some respect for this blessed month. Honestly is really not nice seeing a couple clad in full islamic clothes doing things that they shouldnt be doing in the first place. Its just not kosher and definately not hallal or permissible so please STOP.

Part 3
A week before Ramadaan I had the honor of helping the M.S.A (Muslim Student Association) of WITS with there Ramadaan food collection project which was done in conjuction with SANZAF and Islamic Relief. Somewhere around 2000 parcels of food were prepared and given out to poor communities around the Gauteng region. I honestly know of no better feeling that one gets when doing something to help another human being that it is less fortumate then yourself. It creates a feeling of contentment, joy and the realization that we should be eternally grateful for the numerous bounties that we have and often take for granted. It also makes you realize that in the world filled with hardship and suffering that we can make a difference even if the difference be in the life of a single anonymous person its still something. People have become very cynical these days and are of the view the world and life in general is all about money and oneself I completely disagree. Life is not based what you can get out of it but what you are able to put in and give to others. Its the lives that you touch and not the lives that you hurt that will help us not only in the Hereafter but in this world also. I urge everyone reading this that give something in the path of Allah (God) for it is food for the soul.

On A lighter Note The Worlds Smallest Samoosa:

Yes thats a R1 next to it.

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
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queen_Lestat said...

I have to say I agree with most of what you've said. Especially the Part 2 bit, public displays of affection are so tacky, un-classy, cheap and downright ICK!!!(moral and religious twaddle aside). Part-time or selective holiness doesn't really hold with me. Attempt to change in this month fine, but at least try and carry it to beyond Ramadaan, and not throwing it all away after lunch on Eid at zoo lake ;p

^^^lol, hope I didn't step on anyones toes there, but I was working on stereotype not real people.

Z said...

did you eat the samoosa? :)

The K-man said...

lol@z : yes i did eat it, for that was its purpose!

saaleha said...

man, it must've been a saak to fill that thing.
kewl idea though, especially if you work late and find yourself breaking fast while driving, just rip open a pack and pop a couple into your mouth.

The K-man said...

Mini Samoosas the new new taste sensation.

lol it took awhile to make, but it was worth it, a alittle leftover pirr and mince (stolen from my mother :)

Z said...

impressive! self made !? hmmmm
do u cook for cash? :P

zee said...

lol...nice post man.

and as u know, i already agree with the 'sudden spirituality' ppl seem to find in this month.

but at the end of the day, it does show us that there is still a lot of goodness left in the world

btw, i oso helped out with the MSA ramadan collection programme. def uplifting experience:)

The K-man said...

Z: Thanks its nothing really. We guys have to learn how to cook because some females refuse to or cant (dont get upset ladies you know its true). I cook for fun but with the right amount of money I made be persuaded ;)

Zee: Glad you enjoyed the post. I agree with you there is alot of good in this world we just need to embrace it and "spread the good".
Im glad you also felt that the MSA collection programme was an uplifting experience. The MSA may have its politics and covert agendas but they really did alot of good with this initiative. As I tell some people I didnt help because it was the MSA, I helped because it was the right thing to do.

Muhammad said...

Ramadaan Mubarak. Great to see that Ramadaan is Affecting you in the right ways.. I've found this Ramadaan especially uplifting as well... will probably blog later:P

Anyhow. Nice Samoosa :P



Bilal said...

enjoyed this post- campus never changes huh!
well, enjoy it while it lasts:) the potential far exceeds the negative behaviour of those few students- make the most of it!
and i was also on the lawns that day- big ups to the MSA...

The K-man said...

Muhammad: Thanks man that samoosa is the begining of a mini samoosa empire. Any one want shares?

Bilal:I intend making the most of it. and i second your motion BIG UPS TO THE MSA. You were on the lawns? small world hey

Z said...

post already! :P