Saturday, December 02, 2006

Miracles, Children and Ranting

The peace and solitude of the womb shattered by the deafening noise of the outside world. Undeveloped eyes gaze upon artificial light for the first time, everything is a blur. We leave our watery domain which we have called home for 9 months and take our first breath in this alien world. Lungs open, fists clenched, feet curled up we release a scream that can shatter crystal and can only be surpassed by a jackhammer. We are alive! We have survived the greatest miracle on earth and we alreadly have to be thankful for so many more miracles.

We are barely a minute old and we have been bestowed in such a short time with a multitude of miracles. Two hands with five fingers, two feet with five toes, ears to hear with, eyes to gaze and a tiny nose to smell with and ofcourse surviving the ordeal of child birth (big up to all our mothers and the women who have gone through the miracle of childbirth you are truely amazing). However people never see the miracles which they have been given. Parents know the heartache of having a sick child and only want their child to be healthy, yet why is that people (family mostly) feel it necessary to comment on the child. Comment not on how perfect a creation she or he may be but on the childs skin colour or the fact that the child is so small or that its going to be like this or like that or that it is an ugly baby. They can never just see past their superficiality and just praise the child everything is about the looks of the child and often babies are compared. I mean they are not toys or stud horses to be compared and rated, they are beings.

The MIRACLE of a baby is astonishing and truely a gift which not everyone gets but nobody would say that just a Baby's cry is a miracle, however imagine a world without a baby's cry. Imagine if the gift or childbearing was taken away from us and the world was devoid of a childs laugh or a baby's cry. What would we do to or pay to experience just this if it was taken away from us? Spare a thought for those who cant have kids and APPRECIATE your own. Today the children of men are taken for granted and thrown away like an empty chocolate wrapper INSIGNIFICANT!

They are seen as a dime a dozen and merely faces on relief aid posters representing a bigger problem which most of us fail to accccept or comprehend. In this world we live in kids grow up always thinking they are less rather than more, our future, our legacy is in shambles.

As they grow up they are not taught to love themselves but are told that they are imperfect and need to be an IDEAL. Kids grow up too quickly worrying about things like their, WEIGHT and if they are too DARK and never experience childhood. Another forgotten miracle is INNOCENCE and its truely lost.Children grow up not to appreciate their blessing but feel inadequate especially if they are teased and made self conscious. They overlook what they have and feel that WHY were they not made "perfect" when they are. Their values warped never to see the good and the great in themselves, trying to emulate the ones that are truely LOST.

The SOUL suffers as the body prospers and we become empty husks of a SPOILT crop. Only worried about how we look we only see the miracles we have when we loose something or someone and by that time it could be too late. Leave the huge miracles but the small thing like a thumb is something to marvel at. Its uses cannot be counted and without it well try hold a cup. We pay thousands of rands for a camera with karl zeiss optics but vision can never be replicated. We walk upright and unaided, we breath air without trying or making an effort yet we cant give thanks.

Children are just but one miracle (in my opinion the greatest) They occur all the time all around us its up to us to acknowledge them and give thanks even for the most minute thing. We need to believe in miracles to see them. Life is not all 3 dimensional there is a 4th dimension the realm where miracles happen all the time. All we have to do is see them but for some of us we are blinded by unadulterated ignorance to anything bigger than themselves. Give thanks for we never know if we will be in the same situation tommorow.

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.
Patricia Neal

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


queen_Lestat said...

I am not worthy!! I am not worthy!!! *bows* brilliant one. People are superficial and when their kids grow up to have complexes of all sorts, this is why. Morons. We should take this and frame it up in every maternity ward in every hospital...

Anyone wanna join this crusade? It's for the future generation's mental state?....

puresoul said...

what colour are you? .. hahahahah :)) kidding....what i realy want ot know is what colour eyes do you have??.....hehehehehe............kiddddddding.....??? perhaps u should try eyes are not green but my underwear is :))))

The K-man said...

QL: Thank you, you praise me unduely thanks. :)

Puresoul: hmmmm? your underwear colour hmmmm? What should i try?

Anonymous said...

Wow K-Man, that's amazing.
I agree with QL, I'm going to start e-mailing it through my list....let's see how far it gets.

It's a miracle to have a baby an a miracle to hold that child once it's finally born. I'm sure anyone who has ever done that can attest to that.
I've got three nephews and nieces and I enjoy every part of these little kids. They are free to do what they want and I won't let anyone spoil their innocence with how "imperfect" they are.

Kids are born perfect, they just
grow up wrong influenced by those around them....

almira said...

Children are truly miracles. It blows my mind when I see people throw their new borns in dumpsters, or leave their children to the world. Its a wonderful experience even to hold a baby, knowing that something so small can be so intelligent.

Very nice post

almira said...

By the way K-Man do you mind if I link your blog?

The K-man said...

Fatima: Thankd so much im gald you liked it so much. Emailing it i dunno if its that good. I agree Kids are truely perfect and only we can stop them from being influenced by the wrong things.

almira: Thanks and I share your sentiments. The only way we can help is to treat our own children as miracles and give them the oppotunities we never had. However not to the extent of spoiling them.
And it would be an honour to have you link to my blog :) i shall link to yours :)

saaleha said...

As said on chat, excellent piece. makes me feel broody.

Muhammad said...

I have no option but to wholeheartedly agree. Your main message for this post was our taking things for granted... so many things. We shove off our greatest miracles as if they are nothing, which in itself makes us imply that we are greater... when we are NOTHING.

This, All of this, should make us only drop in submission to the ONE who makes all things possible, who has blessed us with so much, yet we have the audacity to place importance on such cuperficialities which will only make us fall further into the abyss of our ego's.



Bilal said...

well written dude!

The K-man said...

Saleeha: Thanks so much. Compliments from a master blogger are well received :)

Muhammad: Got to agree with you, we need to remember who our sustaniner and provider is and we need to thank HIM all the time for our blessings. Glad you liked the post

Bilal: Thanks man. i try do my best :) All the best for your trip to palestine when are you leaving?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Perfect perfect post Mashaa'Allah.
I'm with you and i feel & understand what you wrote 100%...
It's INJUSTICE,INEQUITY indeed to praise, play and give all what a child could need just because he/she looks pretty and in the other hand you deprive the other coz God doesn't give him/her that prettiness..I believe greatly that prettiness, good appearanece and superficiality aren't evidences that this or that person is a good ones..NOOO AT ALL...I can find some pretty faces YET, UNDER them you may find UGLINESS presented in their bad souls which may full of pride ,empty sick minds full of trivialities and bad morals and vice versa. Ofcourse there'r alot of exceptions but when talking about childs those innocent creatures who encounters favoritism in their very young age and JUST b'coz of their outer appearance..IT'S SO HARD..and as you said .."As they grow up they're not taught to love themselves but are told that they are imperfect and need to be an IDEAL.

.."Their values warped never to see the good and the great in themselves, trying to emulate the ones that are truely LOST."

.."The SOUL suffers as the body prospers and we become empty husks of a SPOILT crop."

I'M READY to JOIN "Queen_Lestat" crusade.
Thanks k-man for sharing such great post :)

brotherhood said...

nice profile picture.. solid snake :D

The K-man said...

Salma El-Sherbiny: Thanks im glad you enjoyed the post so much. Thanks for visiting check back soon :)

Brotherhood: Thanks solid snake is the KING!


cellardoor said...

OMW - so cool. reading makes it seem so over-whelming - i have all that 2 look fwd 2!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome post my man! well done!

today we become so obsessed and driven by our daily routines, we hardly find the time or feel the need to give them the attention they deserve at such a young age.

and this is the type of mentality that we need to change...i met a man about a year back who confided to me that he just didnt want to be around his 2kids because - in his words - 'i now know that i am not ready to be a dad'

that had to be the dumbest, most immature and self obsessed line i have heard anyone say. naturally i had a lot to say to him on the subject. lets leave it at that.

nice post.

The K-man said...

Cellardoor: Yes you do have that miracle to look forward to we all do and we should all cherish it by making sure we are ready for it. Glad you liked the post

Zee: Thanks man im glad you enjoyed the post. Our daily routines sometimes cause more harm then anything else. Parents need to definately re evaluate there priorities.