Friday, November 24, 2006

You Cant Touch The Classics

Since exams have ended I've had alot of free time to calm my brain after the almost neverending brainstorm of the last 2 months. So the best way I know how is to fire up the playstation((get lost in a a game) and relax to classic tunes.

I found myself loading my playlists with the classics: Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens (Yusuf islam), Bob Dylan, The Byrds, ah-ha U2, Metallica, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins (Thanks QL) and The classical composers. After listening to them I realized that the new stuff out there cannot compare to the classics. They are devoid of and meaning and purity. The songs these days dont carry and message or make one think or appreciate life. They are filled with lyrics that dont make sense and tunes which have been digitally enhanced.

You cannot fault or expect the newer generation of musicians to emulate the past, they only take the old songs and destroy them by remixing them. Most of the stuff we listen to these days will be forgotten relegated to the the graveyard of sound (like justin bringing sexy back... i mean where the hell did sexy go?)

The Classics rock so i leave you to enjoy a true legend Jimi Hendrix (Voodoo Child) playing the guitar like no other could. (For those of you who enjoy the guitar)

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


queen_Lestat said...

The ode to rock :)

Hendrix is an absolute legend. you're welcome @ the pumpkins thing. One of my fav bands ever. And yes as one of the last grungers standing, I can testify that we will never see another cobain or anyone else who can save the guitar art from extinction.

Timberlake sucks, sounds like a girl, thought it was Kellis singing that.

saaleha said...

ah man, thats the music my soul trips on.

gotta love that string.

really neat playlist you got there K-man.

Muhammad said...


It was heartbreaking when Smashing Pumpkins and Rage Against the MAchine broke up in the same year, but i heard the pumpkins are making a come-back album (can anyone confirm the rumours?)

Dude you just brought back the soundtrack to my Childhood. I love it :)

Oh and you are right.. the new stuff coming out doesn't even compare... The music today is So remixed even I can be Jenny from the block.


The K-man said...

My Queen: Thanks. Guitar art is a dying one. Mr Timberflake is very annoying sounds like a dying cat sometimes

Saleeha: Its music for the soul and nobody can compare with Jimi. And thanks

Muhammad: It was heartbreaking and i have also heard that rumour but i cant confirm unfortunately. Glad i brought back abit of your childhood because these songs are soundtracks to life. Lol@you being jenny from the block hehe


Bilal said...

Have you heard Yusuf Islams latest album? He takes some of his old Cat Stevens songs and sings them with a slight change in words and/or tune. Good stuff...

zee said...

oh man what a selection!!! awesome:)

of course..every generation says the same thing about the era of music they listened to;)

does that mean we just appreciate the old or that we are in fact getting old??? hmmm.

The K-man said...

Bilal: Yes i have its good stuff. His lyrics old and new and his music are so rich. It has meaning. Really amazing man

Zee: Thanks for the compliment, seems like we all have great taste in music. We Rock! I think we appreciate the old and well we cant stop getting old. But as long as we remain young at heart anything is possible

Anonymous said...

I keep typing and deleting my comment because I'm not making sense!

But you're correct with the "Where did sexy go?" lol..that made me giggle.

Music has gone too techno...what happened to sticking to the basics?