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I'm sure everybody has heard the hype and controversy surrounding Sacha Baron Cohen's latests movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (And thats the abridged title), if not then you surely live under a rock or maybe I watch to much Tv. The movie is said to be one of the funniest movies in years, it has grossed tons of money and the government of the GLORIOUS nation of Kazakhstan and everyone else who was dupped in the movie is suing Mr Cohen. As everyone knows there is no such thing as bad publicity and this movie has reached cult status and has made Sacha Baron Cohen a millionaire. movie exects are literally throwing money at him to make his next movie.

So today I decided to watch Borat and see for myself what was
all the hype about. I wont spoil the movie for those that still havent watched it so please continue reading. When you watch it dont go into the theatre with any expectations because it is'nt oscar worthy far from it. Firstly its definately not for kids or parents so if your parents want to see it convince them otherwise. It doesnt have much of a story but in my opinion it is very funny, it made me laugh hysterically, the way he speaks and his phrases and saying are classic. It also made me cringe and in fact look away at times, yes some scenes if you do not cringe then you are certainly made of sterner stuff because DAMN it takes wrestling to another level.

The Humour is very unique and has to be taken together with a spoonful of sugar ala Mary Poppins....wait make that a cup of sugar. Some may consider it utter trash because it is raw, lewd, degrading to women, portrays kazahkstan as a country of farmers and rapist and anti semetic which is amazing since Sacha Baron Cohen is a Jew himself. However it does show how unacceptting Americans are of other nations and cultures, so its more a documentary on the stupidity and gullibility of the American nation which is remarkable.

Another thing that amazes me is how well he did to stay in character. There isnt a moment that the accent wanes, his gait changes or anything, his performance is flawless. You may say that he acted like a complete jackass but it takes talent real talent to act like that and remain in character. He was arrested around 30times during the filming because he remained in character and that is some dedication. Even now he remains in character, he recently wrestled
Conan O'Brian in an attempt to shave his pubic hair, he asked a Sky News reporter where he can get a prostitute and pitched up at a premiere in a carriage being pulled by 6 women. Yes thats insane. An oscar nomination? I doubt it but the academy has never really recognized comic genius like Andy Kaufman.

Now there are some muslims who may be offended and not watch it because Borat makes fun of Kazakhstan which has a large muslim population (and an equally large Christian roman orthodox population) and therefore makes fun of islam . I assure you this movie is more anti semetic (which im still shocked at) then anti muslim. Also and this is just my opinion if you are not going to watch a movie because you feel it offends your culture or religion you should also not watch movies which offend other nations are cultures. There cant be a double standard where its fine to laugh at someone else but we cant laugh at ourselfs (within a certain boundary ofcourse).

Its a funny movie and it doesnt pretend to be something it isnt I would recommend you see it ....its very NIIICE!

Yakshemash! In US of A, democracy is very different from Kazakhstan. In America, woman *can* vote, but horse - *cannot*!
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Z said...

haha! ur back bro!

i have to agree with you, those were problably the worst exams ive written at this institution (and that includes the undergrad 1's!)..IA we'll come through ok...

Anonymous said...

Borat was the WORST film I've ever seen. I could live without the image of him crapping and masterbating in the middle of New York City. The image of two ugly naked men wrestling in a hotel room is forever etched in my mind. The film was insulting to anyone with intelligence or dignity.

Since when are rape, incest, beastiality, sodomy & abortion laughing matters? If any American father showed a photograph of his son's penis in public or on film, he would be put in jail for child pornography. Yet Borat supposedly exposes his "son's" nudity and we all laugh and point? What's wrong with this picture??

Black women are portrayed as whores, Americans are portrayed as drunks, bigots, religious fanatics. Jews are highly disrespected in this film. Russian citizens are misrepresented as being ignorant, incestuous people. Women are only referenced as sexual objects.

Borat crosses the line between borderline humor and outright vomitous material. The fact that this film was a hit reflects just how low our entertainment standards have fallen.

The K-man said...

Z: yes im back and hopefuly we come through it. My undergrad degree wasnt this stressful. Results out on the 11th apparently so im crossing fingers.

Anon: Borat is a very offensive movie I completely agree however it doesnt detract from the fact that it does show that certain sections of American society do not take kindly to "out of town folk" or people who are not "Americanized" like the lovely people at that rodeo. I agree with what you say but worst movie ever i dont think so, that has to be Glitter with Mariah carey. :)

queen_Lestat said...

lol, I know movies are your business so I'll take your word for it.

I have to see this movie, will probably have to bribe pinky up. I think that offensive stuff sells now because we're in an age of anything goes, people just get over it and learn to laugh at themselves.

"There cant be a double standard where its fine to laugh at someone else but we cant laugh at ourselfs (within a certain boundary ofcourse)" <---too true.

cellardoor said...

i chose not 2 watch Borat, simply b'cos the 'Ali-G movie experience' (another of cohen's inventions) was not so gr8.

i know my dad's watched both ali-g and Borat, and he said that it was funny in part - simply cos it was sooo outrageous. i dunno - may-be i will catch it later when it's on dvd.... i mean the tv series aired in the Uk which includes borat - is v funny, esp when the ones oin the USA. cohen just used it ask an excuse 2 make fools of the americans...

i'm just waiting 4 'Bruno' the movie - the gay european fashion model guy...

Muhammad said...

slms Bro... I don't want to get into this but suffice to say that I thought the movie was a complete waste of time, I state my resons on my blog post.

I do get Baron Cohen's point of crossing everybody's lines and offending everyone equally... but a point like that in itself doesn't really serve any higher purpose except maybe fulfilling his pathetic fantasies of pushing boundaries... thats it. There is nothing coming out of this movie except bullshit.

Muhammad said...

P.S. Welcome back. :))) Get blogging Homeboy :) and IA you whacked the exams out the ball park :P


The K-man said...

Queen: I do like my movies so thanks :)

Cellardoor: I prefer Ali G over borat anyday. you think Bruno will cause the same controversy as Borat.

Muhammad: Thanks man its good to be back i intend to make up for lost blog time and i hope i wacked my exams. The 11th dec ooo i cant wait.
I agree with your analysis of borat it had no story and was stupid and way too outrageous except for the rodeo part. I thought it was funny in parts but i definately wont watch it again or buy it on dvd once is enough.

cellardoor said...

i can't beleive i actually watched borat - and paid 2 watch it!!! MY EYES!!

please... no bruno