Monday, January 08, 2007

2006 and the year ahead

Firstly a comment on 2006........

I was going to do a post concerning 2006 similar to Saaleha's post but I decided against it mainly because I couldnt think of alot the things I did during 2006 (No I wasnt high or abducted by aliens). So it would have been a very very short post not worthy enough to be viewed by the inhabitants of a distant planet whose idea of a fun/wild night out is a game of pictionary and watching re runs of The A team. (They do get our Television signals there). Ok madness aside lets get serious or lets not you decide.

2006 flew by faster than you can say "Wazoooo" say it.... see it was faster than that. For me it started of with dreams of medical grandieur but it was shot down (by wits) and finaly laid to rest in the boulevard of broken dreams. Sad as it was I had to get back on my Horse and begin a new chapter to my life like a phoenix rising from the ashes (Ok that was being extremely dramatic). So I began may law career and by the time I got a handle on it october arrived and I was panicking about my marks like an aggitated Howler monkey. But it went well and im enjoying it to my suprise. Briefly what else did I do hmmmm oh yaah I made new friends some I will keep forever others will fade away like a fart in the wind. One of the coolest thing I did in 2006 was start this here blog which rocks hopefully il continue with it. Basically 2006 was a blur but a good blur that I would welcome again.

OK now for 2007 which for me arrived not with a bang but introduced itself like a gentle breeze, a whisper on the wind. You could call these resolutions but I would lke to label them my 2007 personal REVOLUTIONS.

I want to:
  • Join a gym and maintain a regular workout regime
  • Play a sport
  • Try to learn something new everyday
  • Realize that work and studying is not the be all and end all
  • Take a break once in a awhile (With a kit kat if necessary)
  • Be more Friendly
  • Spend more time with my friends
  • Make new friends
  • Take a chance in life or love
  • Listen to my heart and not my head (similar to last one)
  • Try more sushi
  • Learn a new language even if its just to say "Hello"
  • Continue blogging :)
  • Start a new hobbie
  • Build one of those ships in a bottle
  • Take more pictures
  • Write more
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Bowl more
  • Learn more about history especially islamic history
  • Make things happen not let them happen
  • Be more confident but not cocky
  • Help others and those less fortunate whenever I have can
  • Read more (and my textbooks dont count)
  • Watch more movies (as if i dont watch enough already)
  • Buy a Playstation 3 (Oh yes thats like a given)
  • Get more sleep
  • Sort out my wisdom teeth
  • Bunk more than one lecture and a tut if I can help it
  • Be truthful to myself and other
  • Be selfish on occasion
  • be less reserved to people in general
  • Be more spontaneous
  • Make more mistakes not too many but enough so I can learn
  • Make others laugh and laugh at myself
  • Be a better person and a better muslim
Well thats all I can think of at the moment, my brain is still technically on vacation but will return shortly. I dunno if i will do all the above and I dunno what the coming year holds for me but I intend to face every challenge head on and make the best off it. Hopefully you will all have a great year! :)

Somebody help me, I'm being spontaneous!
The Lone Writer


Infinium said...

Nice post man, really cool... well you know i'll help you with some of the stuff considering it involves friends, hahaha... Some of the stuff i'll talk to you about that at a later stage... but ill make sure you get round to it, because if you don't i'll neuter( Is that how you spell it, cant remember anymore) you... lol. but good post mate...we'll talk in short time mate... P.S. Gonna miss you guys from campus... hahahaha laterz mate

queen_Lestat said...

rofl @ infi. LOL @ neutering. he's not a cat!!! If he was I would have serious issues knowing teh_k-man!!!

kickass list, at least yours is do-able, mine obviously involves more dreaming and imagination.

Infinium said...

ok ok ok ok ok, since seeing i have to admit he is human, although we humans are part of the animal kingdom(according to secular beliefs), i will not be Neutering the poor dude... i will however CASTRATE HIM!!!!! hahahaha...

bibi-aisha said...

The spendin more time with frnds and makin new frnds resonatd with me. And then theres quite a bit on ur list which i didnt plan,but did, in 2006. G'lck in bein who u want to be. Oh yeah,u said u want to learn goin2 add a blog to mine with my egypt experiences,links to arabic sites,n basic arabic phrases.heres one item on list sorted. Marhaba-hello :-)

almira said...

Good New Year's resolutions "be less reserved to people in general", Im the same way I have always been so shy. Even before I became a revert I was never the one to talk at partys. Even now that Im in clubs Im still very quiet. Good postin K-man, I like your new avatar!

saaleha said...

taking more chances,eating more sushi and making things happen, sorta typified 2006 for me, and it worked out fine. lots of drama, yes, but who wants to live sedated? :)

hope 2007 rocks for you:)

the guy who writes this crap said...

hey, k-man. hope you get through your list for 2K7. Oh and some advice: being spontaneous takes lots of planning, so get a pda.

MasterOfChi said...

Ah all you need is some chi dude and everything will then fit in place.

The K-man said...

Infi: Thanks but you are seriously crazy man. get a blog share your craziness.

Queen: Dreams and Imaginations is where it all begins :)

Bibi Aisha: Marhaba! thanks :)

Almira: I hope i can be less reserved because im really shy :)

Saal: Hope your 2007 rocks also and i surely dont wanna be sedated.

The guy: Im getting an ipod dunno about a pda lol

MoChi: What might hi actually Be? and where can i get some.

Infinium said...

naaah... u know me dude, i wont do the blog thng i'll get bored of it to quickly, and my thoughts are sorta copyright and patented in the state of i.e. personal and no1 will know of them except inperson meetings... so NAY i shall not get a blog...

M Junaid said...

well - heres another few terms for you -
'maurishaani' - 'hello' which is replied with 'wereno'. this is Bembe- a native language of Zambia. as for a phrase you can really use in public -here's a portuguese line i picked up in nandos ( ok - actually my mate taught it to me)
'Meta se Linga Le Dentre Mi Que'
best to abstain from using it in front of guys older than fourteen or heavier than sixt kilos- whichever comes first
peace - and all the best for this year son

cellardoor said...

lol - should u be making more friends when u already have little time 4 the ones u already have....??? i'm in the same boat.