Friday, January 12, 2007

Life Imitating Blog.....

I walked into Exclusive books the other day for my usual Exclusive books walk through where I page through books that catch my eye, which is usually in the science fiction section. So im browsing like any other patron and this book catches my eye. Immediately I think of Queen Lestat's Blog and when did she convert her blog to paperback. I mean I knew we had to convert to the new blogger but didnt realize that they gave you a paperback option, which would be much more easier then all those widgets (Anyone remember the show on KTV back in the day "Widget the world watcher")
So I contact her Highness and she informs me that this is a genuine fake and not her blog on paperback lol. Obviously she was distraught and inconsolable. How could this happen, the audacity of the writer to copy her, how dare he!. The name has been altered but its like a derivative of her blog title. A case of, copyright infringement? I dont know and doubt she will win not because im her lawyer but because its a dodgey case. Was she using copyleft. I would say let sleeping dogs lie but its up to the queen. Fellow bloggers dont be confused by this cheap imitation is not Queens paperback blog. Life is truely imitating blogs. hehe

Signing Off
The Lone Writer


queen_Lestat said...

Product details
Publisher: GOLLANCZ
ISBN: 9780575078161
Format: Softcover
Series Title: Gollancz SF S.
Publication Date: 2006/10
Length: 153mm
Edition: New Edition
Pages: 272
Readership: General

teh_baaarstid... I'll spare the off with his head rant cos Depeche Mode- Just can't get enough's playing and that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and shimmy-ish inside.But yes, as my legal counsel, thanks for bringing it to my attention.This is gonna spawn a career as a celebrity sue-er...*pushes sunglasses further up*

Cos I juuuuust can't seeeeeee-em to get enough-ah *shiiiiiiimmy with me everyone*

(PS k-man, infi, MoChi: the word verification is OYMZ...geddit?OY, oi? hahaha lol)

queen_Lestat said...

o ye... publication date's in bold...TheChroniclesOfBlaaaaahnia's been around since 2005.

Although, the hardcover's probably a year before, so that'll be around 2005/10.Bleh...My blog's been around since 2005/11. Anyways, 2005/10 means that that was when it had it's first run in it's own circles. It's still another 2 months before they hit the shelves. So technically I've been around first :P

urrrggh...I feel so jaded...the powers that be have invaded my territory with a commercial ploy. Pulled originality right out from under me. But *sob* I shall not sell out...

I wooooooooooon't look back in least not today ;)

The K-man said...

Lol at the word verification. A celebrity su-er is your calling hehe.