Sunday, January 28, 2007


Now who remembers this iconic word? and along with the phrase "A spoon full of sugar will make the medicine go down". This is the magic that is Mary Poppins. A truely marvellous musical and something children should watch.

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even though the sound of it Is something quite
atrocious; If you say it loud enough You'll always sound precocious; Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" Mary Poppins

I remember saying "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" for like weeks maybe even months after I saw the movie. I use to tell everyone that word and my grandparents and other elder indian people would stare at me with a blank expression, I thought it was because they thought I was so clever but now I know they probably thought I was a crazy kid who was making up words. Im still crazy but I dont make up words anymore. Think this will be my new favourite word even though its not really a word.

I came across this word the other day when my small cousin was watching Mary Poppins on dvd. I thought I would just sit for a sec but I ended up watching the entire movie whilst he left and proceeded to chase after bugs in the garden. Wonder who had more fun?
So it got me thinking about the classic cartoons that I've had the pleasure of watching and enjoying not the horrible senseless stuff they show these days. Yes I watch cartoons, you can never be too old for bugs bunny making an arse out of elmer fudd its classic.

Trip dowm memory lane time: Remember Bugs Bunny (whats up Doc?), daffy duck, donald duck, goofy (in goof troop) mickey and mini mouse, Yosamite Sam, Tom & Jerry(the carnage) , Top Cat, Popeye the sailor (I never understood how they found ol olive oil attractive), Peanuts (Charlie Brown and Snoopy), Asterix and obelix (my favourite Gauls), Tin Tin (Snowy , Captain Haddock- "billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles"), The Flintstones (I have a neighbour that reminds me of barney rubble), the Jetsons, Road Runner (I need to get me some acme products) and the one the only GUMMI BEARS with their gummi berry juice. Oh and how could I forget the smurfs and their subsequent sexual innuendos with smurfette being the only female smurf. I know im forgetting alot but these were classics. I know I left scooby Doo out but I never really like that dog or the mystery machine "jinkies".

Anyways these were classics, they were funny and highly entertaining and still are today. I mean today there are some good stuff like dexter, johnny bravo, Samurai Jack but there are terrible ones also. Cow and Chicken and Ed edd n Eddy come to mind. They are midless and senseless and i would never let my kids (inshallah I have some one day) to watch them. Even movies aimed at kids these days are actually made for an adult audience. They cuddly creatures are just there to amuse the kids whilst the story is made for adults. I mean which child understood half the jokes or the references in shrek for example. They need to make movies for kids with a message and values they can understand.

Inside somewhere deep down we all children at heart and these cartoons are embedded in our youth and our memory. They encouraged the growth of our imaginations and in some way our brain development. Long live cartoons and remember to say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious if you ever in a tight situation it may help you out or even change your mood :)

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer

P.S If you cant remember the word I doubt you will remember this but I found it on a site
And a holy man, who walks barefoot all his life, eats little and may suffer from a frail body and bad breath, could be called a "super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis." :-)


SafiUnlimited said...

lol i have gummi bears on dvd- i love em... oh u forgot johnny bravo!!! lol that dude rocks..

i think popeye was just there to promote spinach to the children... never worked with me!!!

queen_Lestat said...

*suddenly relives my late 80s and 90s childhood*

awww sweet stuff.

Shucks! Did I just say that about TV?!

mazozo said...


i remember the classics totally agree that we had the best cartoons popeye rocked and as for bugs no one could touch that dude unfortunately none of the new cartoons come close altho i dig Ben 10 for some reason the concept appeals to me And how could you forget the classic of all classics dude X-Men!?

saaleha said...

has anyone ever noticed how cartoons seem to punt substance abuse?
gummiberry juice, the smurfs and their smurfberry concoction, the gauls with the magic potion. even popeye encouraged eating the greens....

just an arb observation...

Ruby :) said...

I loved Mary Poppins, and i also walked around for days saying SUPER.... irritating the hell out of my sister.. as for the cartoons these days, they too violent, did u happen to read the newspaper about the kid that killed his baby brother? he wanted to act like tom and jerry and hit his ywo year old brother on the head with something, thinking he will get up and chase him the way tom chases jerry when he didnt, he told his mum, she rushed the baby to a hospital but the baby was brain-damaged and died two days later... thats what cartoons teach kids nowadaya.. just sad!

Ahmed said...

Oh I love cartoons from the 80s/90s! And you forgot transformers, and He-man, thundercats, And the other non cartoon kid shows were great too. I loved Mr. Dressup and Sesame Street and the Muppets and Fraggle Rock, etc. Good times...

The K-man said...

Safi: You have gummi bears on Dvd no ways that rocks. I think that was popeyes main objective but i dont mind spinach actually kind like it cream stlyle.

Queen: Yes you did say that about TV hehehe you closet TV junkie.

mazozo: How could i forget X-men or Batman. My bad. I also enjoy Ben 10, like the crystal glass dude he changes into.

Saaleha: :) Now that you mention it you are 100% correct. I never noticed that, you may be on to something. Subliminal messages on kids shows to promote drugs. Its a conspiracy I tell you.

Ruby: That is extremely Sad hey. Tragic. Thats why parental supervision is esential. Parents have to explain to children that cartoons are not real.

Ahmed: Transformers Rocked. Watch for the Transformers movie cming out soon.

Priya said...

those were the best cartoons. added to that list: Strawberry Shortcake, Heidi, My Little Pony and the Care Bears.
Very girly, I know!

r said...

K-Man: You LIKE spinach??!

You guys forgot the SA classics! Cmon i know SOMEONE remembers liewe heksie! And i cant believe no1 mentioned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Cowabunga dude!! those guys were my heroes ;P

Way back though.. bugs was and will always be THE MAN! im sO glad Disney channel was launched =)

New cartoons that are witty: Kim Possible and The Emperors New School. Kuzco rocks!

The K-man said...

Priya: Lol those are classics. I watched the care bears and Heidi in Afrikaans. Very cool

r: Yes i do like spinach when its done well its lovely. LIEWE HEKSIE ROCKED. Oh my i cant belive i forgot it or teenage mutants ninja turtles (movie coming out this year) Kim possible so rocks. Hehe

The K-man said...

Hey anyone remember Mina Moo?

r said...

oooh!! i remember mina moo! those puppets.. LoL. i used to scream hysterically every time the evil people crashed in.. wow.. memories flooding in! Great post K =)

ps: release day for the TMNT movie im right in the last row slap in the middle! anyone care to join me..?

The K-man said...

Mina moo rocked with "BAC" and "TERIA" what cool memories. Glad you liked the post r :)

Not sure when its coming out but its due for release this year. So probably second half of the year. I'll join you the turtles rocked true icons

Salma El-Sherbiny said...

Hey you forgot Pink panther :P
I love classic catoons too :)
And for me..donald duck, goofy, mickey n mini mouse, Tom n jerry are on top :)
Yeah i agree with you, some cartoons are terrible; don't carry any value and alot of them teach kids violence. And i believe greatly that such valueless cartoons are one of the most important reasons for the absence of innocence between alot of nowadays kids.
And for the word (i can hardly pronounce) i'm tellin you: You're clever Mohamed :P

The K-man said...

Hey salma thanks for that. Pink Panther was great. Peter sellars in the pink pather movies was awesome.

Me clever? hehe, thanks so much but you flatter me. :)

Haseena said...

mary poppins rocks! i loved that movie - keep planning to watch it again but im kinda scared to incase it wont live up to those kewl childhood memories.. maybe i'll get ot this wknd and take the plunge, mina moo was also sooo kewll! - named one of my friends after tht show

Priya said...

Mina Moo! i seen her the other day... on a bench in some mall. I stood there staring at the statue, pointing and murmuring: "Hey, thats Mina Moo!"

Infinium said...


Anonymous said...

I still watch cartoons.

I have kids in the family, what can I say? And I do not allow them to watch Cartoon Network as it has the stain called "Cow and Chicken" amongst other terrible cartoons.
So I make them watch Disney and Boomerang.
Yes, and I catch the kids following the example of the cartoon characters on a lot of occasions, e.g. Fairy Odd Parents, Popeye, American Dragon, Bugs(my nephew LOVES carrots! I think he's going to turn orange one day!)

Only when I hit my 20's I realised that Bugs really did have a HUGE crush on Elmer Fudd ;)

Let's not forget The Animaniacs, they were too hilarious.

Mary Poppins was fun, I wonder if they'll ever do a remake of it. They should for the newer generation of kids. That would be great stuff :D

mazozo said...

re make marry poppins sacriledge it would never work in this day and age classics shud remain SO!

Speaking of classics i rembered two classics maya the honey bee which i loved and even though its in afrikaans i liked braakanjan

The K-man said...

Haseena: Thats always the thing. Watching a movie like mary poppins now may dash all the childhood memories. I watched it and enjoyed it. Your friend looked like mina moo?

Priya: Lol i saw her also at sandton city. Well im sure she needs the money.

Infinium: hmmmm back at you join in the cartoon fun.

Fatima: A cartoon a day will keep the doctor away im certain. I doubt ill stop watching them. I agree cow and chicken is horrible. "Animaniacs! they were zaney to the max, so just sit down and relax there is bolony in our slacks lala la i forget the rest."

Mazozo: got to agree a mary poppins remake ahould not be made and if it is then should stick to the original.I remember those toons Braakanjaan rocked.

Infinium said...


Lot ponder over this i must....

nousha said...

I love this word :-D
Thanks for reminding me of how fun it was to just pronounce it !!

mona said...

i know i'm a bit late, what about Bill & Ted's excellent adventures!!!