Friday, March 23, 2007

Tag I'm it.....

As I started my weekly "Reading of the blogs" I was pleasantly surprised whilst reading Ruby's blog that she had tagged me. This is the first time I've been tagged so Thanks Ruby:)

(Cant remember the last time I played tag/catchings or whatever that kids game was called hmmm)

"Five things you dont know about me" hmmmm now what exactly should I reveal here. I mean as much as I reveal in my blog there has to be something that you just cant tell everyone, things that remain yours and that you dont want to share with the world. I mean I dont want to be one with my blog It should be an outlet, not a personification of me. Ok maybe im making a mountain out of a mole hill. Its only 5 things its not an essay on my inner most secrets. Hope these are not incriminating hehe :)

1) I Hate those little small, round, green, and squishy abominations known as Peas. I mean they are horrid. They dont really taste like anything and when you eat alot you get that after taste and they remind me of the exorcist. (the part where that demon possessed chic did a 360 head spin and started vomiting mushy peas) Basically I hate Peas.2) I wear contact lenses. My eyes are terrible im practically blind. When I was a kid I had these huge goggles. My glasses could literary be used as a means to vapourize small mammals. But thank fuly I have moved to contacts and last I hear my old glasses have been put to great use by NASA on the hubble space telescope. (Now you know who to thank for those beautiful images)

3) I really really really hate people who cheat. I feel that whatever comes from it is Haraam and completely wrong. I mean how can you live with yourself. I have no respect for cheaters they are less then single cell organisms.

4) This is a weird one but I dont have Rice Crispies with milk but with with tea. Like I'll have my tea with milk and sugar then pour the tea into the Rice Crispies. LOL dont laugh its awesome. You should try it and stop laughing I know im weird :)

*this is proving harder than expected*

5) I have an obsession with history and World War 2 history especially. I love the period and its complexities, conspiracies and meaning to the world. Makes for good movies and stories.

There you have it hehe

I tag Queen

Kuwabara. Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


Lobelia's Student said...

Looks like I'm the first to comment this time. Hope you don't mind just 'cause I'm not one of the inner crowd of bloggers. Anyways I will keep coming here at least until Shakira starts posting comment-worthy entries on her blog. Or until you, like her, start doing the 'here's a random pic (not like the amazing sunset ones)...umm...weak-ass-atempt-at- pretending-this-is-the-highest-quality-of-writing-I-am-capable-of thing.

Interesting...Why World War 2 though? For me, after that, history loses its allure. I tend to get disenchanted with the past after the end of the nineteenth century.

Lobelia's Student said...

P.s. It occurs to me that I've violated a fundamental convention by mentioning a name in my comment. Blame me for any mysterious deaths within the coven of Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

1) i love peas but hate the after taste. and i think you just put me off with that imagery! thanks!
3) we've all cheated once in our lives AT i right? it's wrong and i don't like it either :/
3) got me...i was laughing when i read this one. weird :P

lol@ lobelia's student.
uh oh...said name is not going to be happy :P

queen_Lestat said...

hey! I knew all that about you :P though I'm still pretty tempted to try the Adventure with Rice Crispies.

The said name is probably already well known in it's own elite circles of society so I don't think whoever it is will really bother, especially since the lexical faux pas came from someone so brave and noble as to associate themselves with Lobelia.

The K-man said...

Lobelia: Yes you are numero uno so congratulations :) I dont mind at all and there is no such thing as inner crowd bloggers anyone is welcome :) Glad you like the sun set ones.
I just fell in love with the period. The weapons, tactics, the way that a nation was enslaved by a common madness, and the small battles and the large ones that changed world history. Its utterly fascinating. :)
Lol dont worry about your slip :)

Bella:) Im glad the imagery worked I should form an ANTI PEA COALITION to irradicate Peas hehe.Glad I make you laugh :)

Queen: Lol your telepathic vampire abilities are amazing hehe :) Try the Rice Crispies its nice:)

safiyyamk said...

i hate peas, and tea!!!
i agree with fats, we atleasted chaeted once in our lives- i cheated in my grade 2 test from the guy next to me- BIG mistake, because i got 2/10! i learnt my lesson and now i never cheat- trust my own judgement before someone elses even if im wrong!

Zahira said...

hmmm i don't drink tea wonder how it would taste with coffee only other problem i have is that i don't eat rice krispies lol but worth a try unless i add it to good 'ole COCOPOPS lol yummmylishes (I made up word of the day)...
hmmm peas i have a good story on that...
Once a time bro and i were running wild in the house :) like serious hectic noise...along comes dady dearest who requests his two young innocent children to please give him some PEACE. Now you can imagine what two rowdy children at a tender age of 6 and 5 heard...So we diligently went to the freezer took the frozen bag of peas and offered it to him...Ah what innocence...

M Junaid said...

first off - i love peas - i'l eat it on its own, as a quick meal - yum - peas with melted butter and salt - orgasmic

define cheating? i'm sure you ean it in a relationship sense right? and not in the 'i'm decieving the tax man' kinda way

The K-man said...

saf:How can you hate tea! lol. But atleast you a fellow pea hater :)

Zahira: You also you need to drink tea is good. Lol and i dont think cocopops will work well lol Thats such and awesome story thanks for sharing. Very cute:)

Mj: You damn Pea Lover! Lol orgasmic and peas no no that doesnt go.
I mean cheat in every sense. Cheating in a relationship (thats terrible) and cheating the tax man even. I mean you still doing someone down.

bibi-aisha said...

Hey tag list frm blogs iv read. Tea n rice krispies-wil try it. Im -7.5 prescriptn. Wots urs? three cheers to the person who inventd contact lenses

Zahira said...

def thank god to the guy who invented contacts especiallythe guy who invented TORIC contacts...i look bad in glasses eish...
and cheating is a no no but i think we all do it one way or the other

r said...

woohoo for the toric lenses dude!! beebs, im also -7.5!

kman and i seem to have lots in common..
both pea-hating, contact lens-wearing ww2-loving bloggers.. =P
hitler was misdirected genius.

The K-man said...

Bibi: Thanks glad you liked it.My eyes are terrible -12 lol and they were worse so Ill cheer to the inventor of the contact lense. Oh and try the tea and rise crispies. :)

zahira: I need new lenses should look into a pair of toric lenses. Yes we have all cheated in some small way, we are all mortal.

r: You rule! we do seem to have alot in common Hehe we are bloggers of the highest calibre. You can be the vice president of the ANTI PEA COALITION. :) Hitler's genius is only surpassed by his insanity, very fine line between the two concepts.

Salma said...

Oh k i know you’ll hate me right now hehe i love peas....Sauté peas with potato cubes and courgettes with mayonnaise sauce is sooo yummy! And any kind of food when vomited looks damn horrible not only peas :P
Hahaha that’s funny the thing about your old glasses and NASA :D
Yeah, me too I HATE cheaters, at least single cell organisms live on their own .
I ADORE eating biscuits while drinking tea with milk but pouring it on Rice crispies is Brand new! You’r an inventor k you should be proud of yourself hehe :P

Salma said...

oh and thanks sooo much for the Tag...coming soon :))

Ruby :) said...

K-Man- your welocome, thanks for doing the tag. as for the peas, cant say i hate them but dont love them and def. dont think they orgasmic like MJ does... I also wear contacts.. anyone know who the genius behind these little pieces of plastic was? as for WWII , im asuming u watch the history channel right? they always have docs on that time period. and lastly.. the cheaters of thgis world: only thing i can say, is every dog has its day, and sooner or later, it will be pay-back ...

Bilal said...

i love peas
i hate tea

The K-man said...

Salma: Try the tea and rice crispies heheh try it lol. Im an inventor cool:)

Ruby: Hey thanks for commenting:) yes i do watch the history channel, does that make me a geek no not at all that makes me a proud super geek :)
according to wiki "Modern contact lenses were invented by the Czech chemist Otto Wichterle, who also invented the first gel used for their production."

Bilal: How can you hate tea I mean its tea its like tea for God sakes :)

Ruby :) said...

hey k-man- if watching the history channel makes one a geek, then i guess im a geek as well... thanks for the contact lense info... :) :)

The K-man said...

hey thanks ruby :) hehe so im not alone hey :) GEEKS RULE so we rule :)