Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Night Mistress

The Day fades
Darkness Prevails
The Angels trumpet is in full bloom
Jasmine lingers

Life force spent
In daily pursuit.
My eyes fail me
A yawn infects me.

Lurking in the shadows
She reveals herself.
Shrouded in beauty
Dark and mysterious.

Her presence comforts
She is inevitable.
I cannot run from her gaze
She shall have her prey.

Pale skin,
Soft features,
Gentle green eyes.
I loose myself.

Conscious lost
Reality slips back into focus.
Fighting against the current
Nyx observes this game.

Lurking in my mind
I feel the need to surrender.
Keeping her at arms length
I waste time in this realm.

My eyes start to to close.
I see a vision of her
Mystery forgotten, truth revealed
She glides towards me.

My defence has been breached.
She speaks directly to my soul.
I cannot resist her advances.
I'm drowning in her glance.

I have nothing to fear.
She has become dear.
She is my one constant
My companion in the darkness

I fall into her warm embrace.
We fall forever together
I am safe
I am sound
I am asleep.


Priya said...

lovely stuff... and the pic is a beau!

safiyyamk said...

no words will do justification hey- its very very nice :)

Lobelia's Student said...

Looks like I'm not the only one wandering in an uneasy bliss through the Perilous Realm. Simply ethereal.

Dew said...

I feel that way about my bed.

I love my bed.

I liked it, but it scared me a little. It makes me curious - I want to know what its about now. But don't tell me, that'll spoil the allurment.

carry on... (pop eye face here)

bibi-aisha said...

The fantastical illusion of dreams...seductive

MasterOfChi said...


Raghav said...

A yawn infects me

a very infectious infection that.
good stuff, mammoth in lenght but still a fast crisp read.

Anonymous said...

I must say it is intriguing.
Great stuff K-man :D

The K-man said...

Priya: Thanks glad you thought it was lovely: The pic rocks for me sleep has green eyes :) hehe

saf: Thanks saf really appreciate it hey. Im no writer but i try every so often )

Lobelia: Thanks for commenting I can never reach your level of writing but i try. Glad you liked it :)

Dew; I love my bed also. Its shaped perfectly to me hehehe. Im glad you liked it but Why did it scare you?

Bibi Aisha: Dreams are sometimes more than an illusion and is a way for our minds to tel us something. Whether we get the message or not is up to us. The subconscious exists Glad you liked it :)

MoChi: y hmmm? i know you have more to say

raghav: Thanks for visiting my blog:) I do hope you return. It waas long I agree but it flowed so i ddnt want to break the flow. Glad you liked it :)

Fatima: My friend :) Have i really intruigued you? hehehe ;P Thanks im glad you thought it was great but im no writer hehe :)

MasterOfChi said...

I'm Hmmm'ing at the others comments...

safiyyamk said...

well K, i definitely cant write... its not in my genes :)

The K-man said...

Mochi: hmmmmm i see

Saf:Dont be so negative all we can do is try. Let the expression flow. :)

Zahira said...


saaleha said...

i feel kinda sleepy now.


Salma said...

Wow!! Sooo admirable, i like alot and the picture is so beautiful.

The K-man said...

Zahira: Thanks, glad you thought it was beautiful :)

saaleha: Go work dont sleep lol. You handsome sleep knight will get you hehe

Salma: Hey! glad you like it.

qdee said...

wow. gorgeous!

The K-man said...

Thanks qdee :)

mazozo said...

LOL Dude

Watch it!

Just now ul inspire me to write happier stuff

The K-man said...

Hehe thanks man glad you liked it. Inspiration is all around us :)