Thursday, April 05, 2007


Thanks to the One the only Ruby and the queen of the chat box, our chatbox celeb DEW! :)

1. Where is your cell phone? - In my car
2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? – very very single
3. Hair? – Black wavy hair
4. Your mother? – My eternal inspiration
5. Your father? – A worry wort
6. Your favorite item(s)? – Computer, Cell Phone, DSTV
7. Your dream last night? –Vivid, and Scary
8. Your favorite drink? – Stoney Ginger Beer
9. Your dream guy/girl? – May not exist
10. The room you are in? –My study/pc room
11. Your fear? – Failing Loved ones
12. What do you want to be in 10 years? – A Good Husband
13. Who did you hang out with last night? -My crazy Brother
14. What are you not? – A glamour boy
15. Are you in love? - Love Escapes me
16. One of your wish list items? – A PS3
17. What time is it? – 11:28pm
18. The last thing you did? – Spoke to a Friend
19. What are you wearing? – Jeans, T-shirt, Faranheit
20. Your favorite book? – The Time Machine
21. The last thing you ate? - Steak and potatoes
22. Your life? – Is picking up
23. Your mood? – Is Mildly Happy
24. Your friends? – Are my Salvation
25. What are you thinking about right now? - My Life's Journey
26. What are you doing at this moment? - Editing this Post
27. Your summer? – Causes bad sunburn
28. Your relationship status? - Single, 23, Jhb (lol asl)
29. What is on your TV screen? – Darkwater (movie)
30. When is the last time you laughed? –An hour ago

I Tag The unTagged and the tagless and the future tagged :)

*Edited by the Kman's Department of Blogger Affairs*

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The Lone Writer


r said...

lawyers are all glamour boys in one way or another.. ;)

Dew said...

I love your number 12. Its a good thing to want to be.

My fears were similar.

M Junaid said...

K man my boy :)

you need to edit this piece- as the catch is that it has to be three words per question - not more, not less.

Ps3 - i thin its on everyones wishlist - even us nintendo fanboys are shallow enought to be swayed by the pretty graphics.

Yeah - now that i read your number 12, my answer seems a bit selfish:)

Salma said...

Hey, Cool answers ;)
I liked em, and the one about your mother is so lovely.Hope to find your dream girl,not failing but falling in love with and be a good husband.
Oh #24 and 27 are also nice ;)


Lobelia's Student said...

Oh, yes, witty, poignant, comical, and true. You managed all that in three words per answer? And to think you say you don't write that well...

Dew said... Im the chatbox celeb now? look out for me at a chat box near you...if you're lucky that is;)

queen_Lestat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
queen_Lestat said...

I knew all that too ;)

Okay wait...maybe about 99% of that...didn't know number 21.

The K-man said...

r: hehe so i have to unleash the inner glamour boy hehe. It lies dormant waiting to pounce :)

Dew: Ah thanks Dew inshallah I can be a good husband and a great father :) i think its very important in todays high paced life style, we so busy providing and making money that we forget that working at being a husband and father is just as important. Its a balancing act but I think it work can wait :) Thanks my chat celeb for gracing my chat box please do come back :)

M junaid: HeY Mj ma BOI !!!!! I have edited the post due to your request :)Glad you liked number 12 :) You not selfish ;P

Salma: My egyptian princess :) Thanks glad you liked the answers and inshallah I find my dream girl :)

Lobelia: Why thank you my dear. you flatter me :) Thanks alot, glad i could manage all that n 3 words :)

Queen: How could you not know 21 i mean anyone could have known that hehe 0_o

safiyyamk said...

and i thought i was the only one who drinks stoney ginger beer- now i found someone to share it with :)

The K-man said...

Saf: Stoney is under rated its awesome and It would be an honor to have a glass of stoney ginger beer with you :)

almira said...

Ginger Beer is my favorite, I go to this Trinidad resturaunt in my city and they always serve ginger beer, Im surpirised you know what it is, none of my friends do. Good post

Lady said...

Ginger Beer ? EWWWWW
Ginger ale tastes the way the sensation of pins and needles feels :D hehe

Ruby :) said...

k-man: cool answers, I love how farenheit pefume smells, hate ginger beer, love summer, so have to just wear sunblock to escape bad sunburn!!! Btw, im sure u would make an excellent husband and father, becos its something that U want to be... and if u dream it, u can achieve it.. Good luck in finding your dreamgirl!

Priya said...

number 12 is certainly uber sweet. oh, you are sure to find a wife now! :)

The K-man said...

Sorry guys for the lack of posting ill have something up soon :)

almira: Thanks glad you liked it:) Ginger beer rules, its strong but you can drink it.

lady: Ok leave the ginger beer to me ill buy you something else :)

Ruby:): Everytime i see a comment from you or visit your blog the song "RUBY" by Kaiser Cheifs pops in my head RUBY RUBY RUBY ! HEHE
Glad you liked the answers, Farenheit is awesome i now it can be abit strong but its a mature perfume hey and my fav :), ill be sure to wear sunblock i got the nivea spray one :)
And thanks so much for the compliment, inshallah (If God wills) I will be a good husband and father because yes i want to be and dreams can some true. However dreamgirl will have to wait and see Inshallah I meet her but im in a drought :)

Priya: Hehe is it really that sweet, it should be like the norm i think. Finding a wife lol we will have to see about that. :)

mazozo said...

A man after myown heart stoney baby stoney CANS UP PPL

The K-man said...

I had stoney this after it rocked :)