Friday, April 13, 2007

Movie Trouble...Whilst Being a Famous Leader.

Ah well now that was a hectic week and I’m glad it’s over. I have been meaning to post but The Turquand Rule aka Dew’s Rule (because she likes how it sounds :) kept me very busy. But I am free now, well at least till Monday……sigh im such a geek, friends call me a workaholic I cant really argue there so ill just keep quiet. But i am a bloggaholic so yaah hehe.

I watched 300 a week or so ago and it was great! Besides making me feel like im a tub of lard because those Spartans were truly built like Greek gods it was a really good movie well shot, very artistic and the battle scenes were poetry in motion, I really want to be a Spartan or rather KRATOS (MJ will agree with me). Ladies this is truly eye candy for you and something for the guys to aspire to (Check out the 300 workout). I watched it twice as with most good movies (I watched The Final Lord of the Rings 3 times in 48 hours…it was insane I came out feeling like a warrior of middle earth). and it was great. It falls in the realm of historical fantasy because the Battle of Themophylae did happen and the 300 spartans did stand against the mighty persians. And this battle happened around 430 B.C so the persians were not muslims and this movie is not anti islam.

The first time I watched it my friends and I ran into problems, not of our own doing but still it really dampened an otherwise fun night. Sterkinekor firstly sold us tickets online that included disabled seats which you may know consists of NO SEATS. So there were 5 of us and we only had 2 seats. We went to the inept management that didn’t help us. So went back to the cinema to try our luck and sit the seats next to ours in the hope that no one would pitch, however they did so I got up apologized and then contemplated where to sit. Now im sure this has happened to you before where you have been sitting in someone’s seats or vice versa and the usual thing is to apologies and move, no stress no hassle no fuss. There was nothing usual about this night and as I was walking away I was tapped on the shoulder by this guy and he proceeded to swear me and completely blow the situation out of proportion saying that how dare I sit in his seat and a whole lot of childish banter which I will not repeat and was getting in my face. Now he was out of line but still I apologized again but this crazy dude carried on causing a scene, he was with his girlfriend so I think he was trying to impress her...I dunno how though....Do you girls get impressed my idiots trying to act all macho and being idiotic?

So I really wasn’t in the mood so I walked out of the cinema with my friends went to management and they gave us tickets for the 10 show. So abit of drama but its an experience and I finally know that Neanderthals do exist, what a looser. A horrible movie experience I will not forget.

Oh while im at it I would like to Thank BB-Aisha for the tag... Heres the result...

The Lone Writer


Dew said...

I love that rule.
lemee say it again...Tur-qu-and law.

Well Im a blogholic too, so Im here so thats fine.

I didn't watch 300..thought perhaps ot may be a bit gory for me (i'm a tad sensitive - blocked my ears in Lord of the rings and watch horror scenes through the edge of my fingers ot though the cracks of my squinched up eyes.

What a stupid awful experience. Honestly I dont think a girl can be impressed by that. (well...maybe some stupid, impressionable girls). Sorry you had to go through that.

Aah, Ghandi...I can pic you to have that personality.
I got Hitler...I feel scared to put that on my hope I'm not that awful.

Dew said...

Oh..and Happy Birthday K.

I won't wish you an awesome day because that just gives you expectations...which are not always fulfilled so...

Be Happy:) and drink water!oh and make zikr.

r said...

well well 23! or is it 22? either way, smile alot (it makes people wonder what you're up to!)

M Junaid said...

Happy Birthday my man

may you find contentment of heart , in every thing you do

Effen Word verification- this is my fourth try - i must be dyslexic or something

Anonymous said...

300 was indeed a great movie :)

I'm sorry to hear about the incident with the angry guy at the cinema. It's ugly.

I saw that it's your B-day on dew's blog :)

May you have a BEAUTIFUL day! May Allah ta'ala give you many more happy & healthy years, ameen :)

ps: mj, i must be dyslexic as well, or i'm just sitting in someone's seat :P

The K-man said...

Dew: Hehe you pronouce that law beautifully hehe :) Im going to now rememeber it as Dews law :) Well 300 is abit gory so watch it with people if you like. It was an awful experience I hope i dont experience again and the worse thing is that I see that neanderthal every Friday at Jumah Salaah. Well then in general there are some stupid girls out there. Hitler and Gandhi imagine what change we could do in the world :P
I intend to have a quiet relaxing birthday, thanks :)

r: Its 23, yes im getting old. Thanks so much :0 And I always smile so going to be smiling like a crazy person today :)

MJ: Inshalah I will find contentment of the heart :) thanks man. And the word verification thing does that on purpose it llike toys with your mind.

Taqdeer: Was an ugly incident but those incidents just teach us and make us better people.

safiyyamk said...

uHAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY K!!! hope u had a rocking day... ill bake u a cake and email it to u ok???

well im not sure about other girls but i def wont be impressed, if a guy can act like an asshole im sure he can be just as bad with the girl- no respect whatsoever! well good luck to his girl...

i never watch 300- but a fren of mines said its a really eye candy for the ladies coz theres 8 packs guys... (im not into the whole body beautiful)

Salma said...

First of all:
You know,i was just planning with ma brother to go and watch 300 tomorrow inshaallah in the cinema ..What a coincidence!!
Have a nice time and bonne appetite :)
By the way i'm also blogholic, i'm so addicted to the blogsphere..the only reason for not posting regularly is ma college and ma studies..they never finished sniff*sniff*

The K-man said...

Saf: hey thanks alot, ill be waiting for my digital cake. :p So you like normal bodies than?

Salma: awww so sweet thanks salma :) Go watch it its a good movie. Ans sorry about the studies im also very busy. it never ends :(

Lobelia's Student said...

Didn't watch 300, but I am partial to historical epics, so I'll definately give that a shot. However I have to disagree with you on one point.

A movie doesn't have to explicitly be about Muslims to be anti-Islam. And movies like 300 wherein the time-reference predates Islam are particularly dangerous because they are used to exploit tensions between East (evocative of the Islamic) and West (always implicitly Greceo-Roman) without violating those tiresome rules of political correctness.

Sorry for raining on the parade. I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to stuff like this I am over-sensitive. I did not miss the pseudo-Arab Haradhrim in my otherwise beloved Lord of the Rings either. That was just uncalled for.

The K-man said...

I have to disagree with you. Just because is east v the west doesnt mean that its islam v the west. The east was predominately idol worshippers/pagans/fireworshippers, at that time until islam freed them. The only reason that it seems that its anti islam is because you associate the arab dress with islam. Arabs dressed like that eons before islam and that is more a cultural/climate thing not a religious thing. The Haradhrim did look Arab but not necessarily muslim its just the dress so it shouldnt offend us.

Dont know if i made sense probably would make sense if i said this in person.

Lobelia's Student said...

My point is not that we as Muslims should be offended, but that whether we like it or not movies like this exploit tensions between East and West. My emphasis is on what a Westerner feels when he watches a movie like 300.
Most Westerners are so uneducated when it comes to Islam that I should say probably 70% of them think a) Islam is inextricable from all Eastern cultural practises or b) they don't even know Islam is a relatively new religion and think it was still around back then, as a force of ancient evil.

Images associated with the East work powerfully on the evocative level, so that it doesn't really matter what the truth of it is. By saying this movie isn't anti-Islam because it has no Muslims in it you assume that these images work on a conscious level in the psychology of an educated audience.

Dew said...

oh wow, interesting converation. Both have convincing arguments.

I'd have to go with Lobelias's student. (Even though I havn't watched it) The image is a powerful tool and well, people are silly really.

Zahira said...

o btw yay some one as old as me Finally and no Mj you do not count and o my word you such a goody two shoes urgh save me lol
me not i did the test hehehehe ;)
o and 300 mmmm you should def read the graphic novel its bril along with sin city and V lol

safiyyamk said...

aha K, body buiding isnt my kind- six packs, muscles doesnt make a guy strong :) thumbs up for the thinnies :)

oh yeah wat flavour cake u like ?

The K-man said...

Lobelia: Ok i Agree with you there. No doubt if you consider the stupid masses. Just my point is that we as educated muslims should know its not anti islam. Thanks for the discussion :)

Dew: See you get alot of variety on this blog hehe :)

Zahira: Hehe yes im 23 lol hehe but we still young :) Hehe and I read those they are awesome, Got the movies on dvd also :)

Saf: No six packs and muscles are bleh and sometimes really disgusting. I like chocolate cake but no fresh cream :)

queen_Lestat said...

I agree with my dear Anti-Lobelia, the irony(of the nick not of the agreeing).

Images are easy to associate with, without actually thinking of what we're associating with the image. Pre-conditioned we are. Human's are sometimes hardwired not to think when faced with various forms of Media. Hollywood exploits this like no other.

Zahira said...

mmmm bar one chocolate cake...

Anonymous said...

i'm JFK.
apparently i like sexual power.
hot stuff.

The K-man said...

Lol@ sexual power hahahaha. seems apt for you Fati :p now i got Donna Summers "Hot stuff" in my head

"Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'
I need some hot stuff baby tonight
I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'
gotta have some hot stuff
gotta have some lovin' tonight
I need hot stuff
I want some hot stuff
I need hot stuff"

Come on sing along :)

mazozo said...

Yo K man dude happy belared birthday

An i totaly agree with you i wanna be a spartan!

But Not the King rather the crazy one who laughed going into batle!

mazozo said...

Oh btw i got mother teresa

Dont ask

The K-man said...

Mazozo: Thanks man :) hehe so you understand my needto be a spartan hehe.

Dont worry when i first took the test with 27 questions i was also mother teresa, then took the longer one and was gandhi hehe.

Priya said...

300 was brilliant. very visually apealing - as in the great bods and computer work.

Goolam_D said...

I feel it necessary to point out .. for some absurdly rational reason .. that the movie was kak. poorly directed, poorly scripted and even more poorly acted. And moreover .. so over the top, so historically incaccurate and so lacking in realism and class .. that it could only be liked for truly sucking.

Soldiers dressed like wrestlers ..talking right wing crap .. mental vommit .. yum.