Monday, April 16, 2007

My Big Fat Greek Birthday.

As you all know or maybe you dont but I turned 23 on Saturday and it was great. So this is the mandatory post birthday blog where I tell you what I did and what not.... oh Capital! I can see the excitment on your faces now accompanied by a small trickle of drool down the left side of your mouth as the first snore resonates of the walls of your current domicile. So lets get this show on the road.

I've never placed great significance on a birthday, I mean its merely another day closer to the end. So I hardly make a fuss about my birthday but its nice to know that people do care enough to let you know that they are thinking of you even if its just for that day or due to a forgotten reminder on their phones, and for me the thought behind it is what counts, not the gifts. Needless to say I did get chocolates and Im awaiting another gift from someone who shall not be mentioned :) but is like the sweetest ever :)

So I got a phone call before midnight (super sweet thanks A.L for being the first well wisher) and the messages by people trying to be the first to wish me happy birthday which always makes one feel extremely special. I even got well wishes on my chat box... how awesome is that.... :) Thanks guys. I dont have like hordes of friends but the friends I have are my friends for life and I would not swop them for all the gold in fort knox. So I needed a laugh so went to see MR BEAN lol.... Yes i know same old same old but its like nostalgic funny so I enjoyed that. Then one of the two highlights of my night was the Jhb Blog meeting, even though not everyone was present and apparently me bringing non bloggers along was abit of an issue (dont ask me I have no idea way) it was awesome. I could only stay for about and hour due to a previous engagement but I got to meet Fatima (The Sweet), Ruby (RUBY RUBY RUBY!) and BiBi-aisha (the RED) for the first time which was amazing so thanks alot ladies it was a pleasure. Whilst I was there I also got a speak to the one the only my greatest fan boy MJ!!!! Thanks man was really cool and you better come to Jhb.

So then the greek part of my evening started. I was wisked away to sandton to have supper at pappas (a greek resturant) with my friends and Bibi Aisha who decided to crash my party :p (you more than welcome to crash the next one). The food was ok, usually its brilliant but as usual the entertainment was awesome. They have a belly dancer (and this time she had these torches of fire) and this like traditional greek dancing and they encourage patron participation so it has a great atmosphere. I skipped dancing with the belly dancer (I had enough of that in egypt) so very uncharacteristically since it was my birthday I joined in the greek dancing! No skill was involved it was basically moving around in a circle arms on shoulders and doing a version of the can-can but it was so much fun, still cant believe I did It but I guess you surprise yourself everyday.

And that was it! pretty normal but I spent it with new friends from the blogosphere and old friends and that was the main thing and I wouldnt change it for anything. So thanks To the bloggers who i met and who wished me well on my blog (If im in Durbs I will definately check you guys out... I promise I dont bite anymore) and to my friends, you made my night a Special one.

Now im going to cry ..................BOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO hehehehehehehe NOT!!!

The Lone Writer


Infinium said...

hmmmm... Bleh to the people who had issues about the non-bloggers being there... That little bit was really amusing to myself and a friend, considering that we practically knew everyone at the blog meet-up like in person!!! and not from just behind a computer screen... so yeah i guess people shouldnt really shun human contact because it helps us grow as a person,(and yes i know that sentence isnt 100% grammatically correct), and find out from their fellow bloggers if they know the people who are goin to be coming there even if they are non-bloggers to see if it is O.K. if they come, because as it turns out it was fine for us to be there, and if we can all make new FRIENDS, y not... and please do not give me the "THEY SHY AND DONT WANT TO MEET UP INFRONT OF UNKNOWN PEOPLE" thing, because hey guess what, none of you really knew who each other were, and if your so shy why on earth do you blurt your personal thoughts to millions of people on the planet, yes people the internet is available to millions of people around the world!!!!

So yeah anyways it was fun to meet you all, we should do it again sometime...

I apologise to K-man, Bibi-Aisha, Ruby and The other Girl, (whose real name i know,but will not mention here, but alas her Blog ID is unknown to me) because they did not have an issue about us being there, so to you my friends this does not apply... oh and Lestat who was not present, but im 10000000% sure that she would not have minded...

Zahira said...

Hey its wierd but we also had an issue that i took a non-blogger but i don't seea prob i think the more the merrier and it is about meeting new peole we havnt met or known before isnt?
o well hope you had and awesome bday and oi k -man
shake those hips ;)
you know you wanna you know you can so lets see sum of that belly dancing hehehehe

r said...

zoe who had issues about our only non blogger? i thought everyone was cool with it..

anyway, glad you had an awesome day k babe.. hope you'r comin down to durbs soon so we can have another blogger meeting =)

here's wishing your coming year brings even more love, joy, success and health than the last!

Dew said...

Glad to see you had a GREAT day:)

I'm coming up to Jhb in June or July so I'm going to try that Egyptian place;) I can't beely dance though...wait can only guys dance with the belly dancer? That's so sexist! lol.


Dew said...

Oh I mean greek... it's all greek to me.

M Junaid said...

was awesome chatting to you . ive never really gotten into greek food, but your post is making me want to explore again - my current fav is thai, and italian - the arent any good mexican places in dbn - how about jhb?

Yeah - first fats was at our soiree, then yours - lucky girl

The K-man said...

Infinium: My good man I second your thoughts.

Zahira: I dont see the problem either but guess its different people hey. Lol hehe i can shake my hips (but not very graceful) I can tell you these hips dont lie :)

r: Thanks r thats so sweet. I really want to come down to durbs im like really keen ill see what I can do and let you guys know :)

Dew: Yes its Greek hehe :)And if you coming up in June/July you got to let me and the jhb bloggers know we can have a great time belly dancing the night away lol :) And both guys and girls can dance , when i danced i was the only guy hehe. :)

MJ: Was awesome chatting to you also, I finally know how you sound hehe can put a voice to the words my brother. I dunno about any cool mexican joints here I should investigate

almira said...

Its sounds like you had the most awsome time. Belly dancers, and fire breathers what great entertainment. Mash'Allah I wish you many more great birthdays brother. I wish I could have been there, take some pics next time! Salaam

saaleha said...

circumstances prevented the person who sent out the blog-signal to attend.


hectic days.

but we will do an encore.

Lobelia's Student said...

Happy Birthday. I know this is late but hopefully it will still make you feel special:) And sorry for being a pompous arse on your last post's comments page. I'll try not to do that again.

Scofield said...

i echo the words of infinium , i mean can't we all just get along lol

qdee said...

awesme time!
happy belated :)
the place sounds lovely, unfortunately when im in jhb, i get dragged to laudium end have to endure food at al-noor, shady paki place above wimpy.which is equally shady.

Haseena said...

happy belated bday

Anonymous said...

K-man + Infinium (now which are you) it was a misunderstanding about non-bloggers being there...a lot of muddled signals and opinions which turned out to be controversial when it was just confusion and lack of communication.

Infinium...still trying to figure out who I am?? :P

i.e. don't stress it :P

We all still had fun there...and whatever happened to my baclava cheescake?????

Next time we'll have supper at Pappa's! :D And watch K-Man dance :)

We need to have another one soon :D

Anonymous said...

Speaking of food...South American in particular...I read something about the Samba Restaurant and Lounge.
It's somewhere in Melville. to investigate?


safiyyamk said...

greek food is nice, but not spicy enough...

zah i agree with u- the more the merrier!!!

queen_Lestat said...

@ Infi... muh boi, you know I won't mind having you around ever ever ever.You be l33t.

@qdee: LOL al noor is teh_suck. Man the food swims in oil and it's kinda dodgey I think.

@ Lobelia's Prodigy: Listen here deary, you can be whatever you like on the internet.*sigh* I'll still love you :)

@ k-man: Again, happy birthday. Glad you had fun, all things considered :)

The K-man said...

almira: Thanks so much. And next time i definately will be taking pictures :)

Saaleha: Yes saals your absence was noticeble so we have to do an encore. Its like mandatory.

Lobelia: Hey you were not arse. It was cool, debates like that rock so please continue :) and thanks you well wishes have made me feel special :)

Scofield: thanks for visiting :)

qdee: Thanks so much:) Shame sorry about your jhb trips

Haseena: Thanks:)

Fatima: We definately must have another one and go to pappas for supper :) but ill only dance if you join me :) we have an accord
Ill investigate this resturant m lady...:)

Saf: ofcourse the more the merrier. If i come to durbs you better come say hi :)

Queen:Thanks so much my queen :) Next blog meet you have to come with hey :)

Anonymous said...

but but but i can't dance...!

The K-man said...

lol Fatima neither can I but you will be dancing :) hehe

bibi-aisha said...

Aww, k-man, thought it was our lil' secret that i gate-crashed. but only after asking u if its ok :-p blame master of chi! aah, but u loved my company. hehe

it was a cool night indeed. my one regret is not buying a belly dancing outfit -& learning how to belly dance- in egypt. but i shall learn, one day

Anonymous said...

bibi-aisha let's go for lessons (i plan on moving to jhb soon :P)

Salma said...

So Cool!!
Glad it was a so wonderful b'day!!
Mr.bean Rocks, i saw the best of him on DVD last week i guess, ba' haven't watch his new movie yet.

The K-man said...

BB: Ofcourse I loved your company how couldnt I :) Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Fatima: You moving to Jhb wow thats like the best news all day. hehe. Belly dancing lol. YOU GO GIRL!

Salma: :) Hehe it was cool. And Mr Bean is classic.

Salma said...

Yeah K, Mr.Bean is classic, i just meant by 'Rocks' that he's amazing, sooo funny. in egypt we say 'gamed' when we mean that something's cool i just tried to translate it :P

Anonymous said...

i hope to move to jhb! i haven't gotten an escape plan yet!!!

safiyyamk said...

lol sure K-man... wouldnt miss that one!! i'm planning coming to jhb during the long weekend, lets see how things work out first... will let u know...

Priya said...

looks like it was fun overall. oh, and happy belated birthday.

Infinium said...

My apologies to you Fatima, i was not aware that you used your real name as your blog ID... lol

Anyways hope your well...

MasterOfChi said...

You guys should really try some chi food... and yes that is an offer from me to cook for all, i can't link to any city/country its my own no recipes involved...

All i say is Six inches of Kevin Bacon...LOL

Sorry mean..

Six degrees of separation!

Anonymous said...

Infinium: There are millions of Fatima's in the world ;)

MoC: you're cooking? :D
Hey time everyone meets up..Master of Chi will be cooking!