Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chicken Run....

Today I had to satisfy this totally ravenous desire to have Hot Wings from Chicken licken. I couldn’t take it any more I just had to have them. I've been thinking about having some from last week Thursday and I haven’t gotten the opportunity and today i couldnt take it I just had to go get some. They are just so damn Good. So I decided:

This is when I get my chicken wings. This is wear they are devoured
A day to be Remembered for the wings will be mine.

So I Finished lectures and after gym (yes im still going to the gym woooohoo) I make my way to my car and im stopped by two annoying people asking me about notes for the entire year and im like WTF! so I tell them

Normally, both your asses would be ignored, but you happen to pull this shit while I'm in a transitional period trying to get some fried chicken wings so I don't wanna be rude, I wanna help you. But I can't give you my notes, it don't belong to me. Besides, I've already been through too much shit this morning over these notes to hand it over to your dumb ass.

So I’m about to go and this one dumb ass has the nerve to ask me whats my name! He wants my notes but doesn’t know my name so I say

My name is Mohamed, commander of the left wing of the law library, General of the postgraduates, loyal servant to the best chicken wing maker, chicken Licken. . And I will have my Chicken Wings, in this life or the next.

In utter disbelief they slowly walk away but the one mumbles.

If you go, where shall I get the notes? What shall I do?

To that I reply

Frankly, Dumbass, I don't give a damn or a chicken wing.

So get to my car and drive to chicken licken thinking

I'm gonna make them an offer they can't refuse.

I get there all excited and this fairly depressed looking waitress ask me for my order but she made me feel like she was doing me a favour so I say

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here. Who the hell do you think you're talking to? Oh yeah? OK I'll have 12 chicken wings please :)

I waited patiently, the seconds left like minutes, the minutes felt like hours, and the hours felt like days so you get the picture, this was also in fordsburg square so my ears were being bombarded by the likes of asha bhosle and the numerous other playback singers.

10minutes later parched, hallucinating and a possible bad case of rickets due to the time that had to pass the lady called my order number. I leapt to my feet


I calmed down. The lady gave me my order I check the contents then held it tight,

Its mine... My own.....My chicken Wings

I smiled at the waitress in acknowledgement of her efforts in furthering the good name of chicken wings and said

Here's looking at you, kid.

I got a quizzical look but she knew what I meant.

Now my story is at an end. When will I have chicken Wings again I don’t know. What did it mean to me? Complete and utter taste bud satisfaction. So I will have them again its fate its destiny. There magic cannot be denied.

This afternoon I dined at Chicken Licken
The Lone Writer

P.S can you identify the movie quotes?

oh I drew this during class today doesnt it look like Jay kay from Jamiroquai


Priya said...

check your first sentence, you wrote KFC, but it was actually Chicken Licken, no? This vegetarian does not know much of dead chickens, nor their wings.
movie lines? picked them up, but cannot place them, my brains are mush at this time. :) (11.36pm)

The K-man said...

Its corrected lol hehehe sorry, South Africa and Liverpool lost today im abit off centre. Lol when your brains less mush try again :)

bibi-aisha said...

i luuurve chicken wings, & chicken licken is definitely pure soul food. had my fix last week. my mum & i always get cravings at the same time.

k-man, was that ur alter ego at play? u seem so soft & gentle. hmm....

M Junaid said...

well, you know about my lucky situation RE : Chicken Licken - for a similar albeit different life changing experience, try Spurs buffalo wings - subhanallah!

Waseem said...

Spurs buffalo wings are better, and much spicier.

Funny post ... Movie quotes, couple from casablanca, one from jerry maguire, godfather 1, taxi driver, and 300

Infinium said...

Thou hast eaten HOTW WINGS without inviting me!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!! SACRILEGE!!!!! how dare you show your face to me after this betrayal!!!! LMAO!!!

HOT WINGS ROCK!!!!! since everyone is going on about the SPUR Buffalo Wings, i think maybe i shall try it... if not... i know where guys BLOG!!!!


Zahira said...

amazingly i have never eaten chicken licken lol nor hav i tried the spurs chicken wings but my cuzs all love it...
I know your lines lol i mean you movie lines...

*PS if i wrote crap above excuse me i have not slept in ova 24 hrs goin on 48 urrr n i feel sick!

safiyyamk said...

i dont like chicken licken or kfc! yuck yuck yuck!

The K-man said...

BB: The cravings you know of the cravings hehe. I am soft and gentle hehehe, lol my alter ego where? who? what?

MJ Ma BOI!: You are lucky to have such a situation. Ive never had buffalo wings ill try them thanks man :)

Waseem: Thanks for visiting my blog:) Glad you thought it was funny. You got the qoutes but missed Pulp Fiction and Gone with the Wind.

Infi: Lol Big words hehe, We will go have some wings. Have your people call my people :)

Zahira: You have to have the wonderous chicken wings. Its compulsory hehe. Shame dont get sick well dont vomit here :P

Saf: Tsk Tsk Tsk How can you not like chicken licken or KFC thats soul food. Hehe

M Junaid said...

to the tall lady blogger who doesnt like chicken licken or kfc - GRRRR

Heres another line - they take my life, but they'l never take ... my fried chicken ( ok - original was freedom - free , fried - i can get away with it

Anonymous said...

I hate you.
I'm sitting here in plaasland without Halaal Chicken Licken/KFC anywhere near me.

I hate you.

But yeah, next time I'm in Fordsburg (Foodsburg hahahaha) we have to do a Chicken Licken run (on a Sunday night so we can have our special *undercover stories*).

MasterOfChi said...

I vote for a strike against all chicken eaters, especially since you all should be knowing about the great chicken depression...

How dare you Kman!!!!!!!!

Lobelia's Student said...

I got Gladiator. Is that right?

Made me laugh silly anyway. Good one!

The K-man said...

MJ; thats an awesome line a should have used it hehe, Thanks man.

Fatima: I know you hate me but you love me just alittle bit more so I can live with the hate :p
And yes when you are in fordsburg we well definately do a chicken run on a sunday and discuss "undercover stories" I wouldnt miss it for all the tea in ceylon. sinister smile :)

Mochi: Dude I would dare do it again and again and again. Chicken lovers like you should be tarred and feathered. ALL HAIL THE OPPRESSION OF CHICKEN KIND.

The K-man said...

hey Lobelia didnt see your comment before (stupid blogger) Glad you liked the post I was in the mood so yaah hehe. Gladiator is there, ill reveal the other lines later :)



Dew said...

I must try those wings now. and spur ones too. I tried Spicy pasta,was good.

M Junaid said...

Spicy Pasta Rules!!!!!

M Junaid said...


Dew said...

and in the darkness grind them....

safiyyamk said...

oh MJ, dont GRRR at me boy! the only thing nice at kfc is twisters- everything else i hate!
oh btw your word verification says "imsexy" :) just thought twas funny...

Lobelia's Student said...

Dear k-man, one last thing. Until I find a more fitting pseudonym the name is really Lobelia's STUDENT, not Lobelia. Lobelia is a reference to a woman I fear and sometimes avidly despise. Please don't confuse the student with the tyrant

Only clarifying in deference to our budding friendship:)

Anonymous said...

I love mash and gravy from KFC and Twister!

i still hate you.

The K-man said...

MJ and Dew: You guys have an extreme case of Chickenlicus Wingus ravenous Dellusion Syndrome. My advice is go to your nearest Chicken Licken and feed your soul. :)

Saf: My word verification is beng naughty I apologise for its misbehaviour and im sure it was only being honest :)

Lobelia's Student: Ofcourse my dear I do apologise for my indiscretion. It shall never happen again. :)

Fatima: You hate only shows me that you care :) Hate away :) Oh and i had mash and gravy and a jalapeno twister :) Now let the hate flow :)

Lobelia's Student said...

You're most condescendingly obliging. My most sincere gratitude for entertaining childish nit-picking about nick anyway. Lobelia must be rubbing off on me. *Cringe*

The K-man said...

Lobelia's Student: Anytime :)

hehe I had chiclen wings again what can I say im an addict

saaleha said...

got canned heat in my heels tonight.

qdee said...

lol that was fun to read!! best friend from joburg had weird craving fro chicken licken and shish kebabs lol.

Nadz said...

yeah u guys r funny,both wings rock depends on where u are and what u in the mood for.

t.a.z. said...

hmm.. i dont eat chicken licken or kfc... unless its those 'sprinkle pops' stuff or im really hungry. but this might, just might make me try it one day

The K-man said...

Saals: I wear flats all the time so no heel knowledge, but doesnt it look lovely on the fairer sex :)

Qdee: thanks glad it was a funny read, ive never had a craving for shish kebabs lol

nadz: Welcome to my blog! And you are a wings person so you are welcome here anytime :)

T.A.Z: Sprinkle pops are like gold nuggets they just too good. Have a wing join the eing side :)

Now i should really post something. Oh and spurs buffalo wings have nothing on Hot Wings