Thursday, May 03, 2007

Top 10 Wrestlers Of All Time!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the KMAN and MJ have collaborated on a List of such INTENSITY and MAGNITUDE that it may shake the very foundation. This has not been witnessed before. So I present the Top 10 Wrestlers of all Time. This post is definately not for everyone and especially those who mock wrestling and dont see it for what it is, Entertainment. And if MJ and Myself Need to Get Laid so be It :)


Andre the Giant: Who can forget the size of this man. He suffered from a condition called agromegaly or gigantism and boy was he a Giant. A true Legend.


Mankind, Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Dude Love whoever this psycho was he is a hardcore legend. I hated him when he first came on the seen but he literally put his body on the line for this "sport". No ear and constantly pulling out his hair, who can forget undertaker throwing him off the stell cage to the sound of JR "OH MY GOD"


Kurt Angle WOOOOOOOOOOO. This former olympic gold medalist was one of the best in ring tactcians ever. He Commanded the ring and had the intensity,integrity and intelligence to match.


The Undertaker, The Deadman. Not matter if you a wrestling fan or you stopped watching a long time ago you remember the Deadman. A legend before he retires he is still on top of his Game. Remeber the area going black and then the Bell tolls. Rest in Peace.


WHATCH GONNA DO BROTHER WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD OVER YOU!!!!. yaah its ok to admit that you were a Hulkamanic once. He was the first wrestler to dabble in Hollywood with with fairly limited success (I mean his movies were horrible). Those pythons and his famous Leg Drop and his legendary slamming of the collosus Andre the Giant. He is a Hall of Famer.

The Heartbreak Kid Shaun Micheals. He put away the debate whether a small guy could make it as a wrestler. What he didnt make up in muscle he made up in sheer determination and intesitinal fortitude. He introduced us to skinning the cat and he tuned up the band and is the master of the sweet Chin Music. He deserves the title of THE SHOW STOPPER!.


CAN YOU SMELLLLLLLLLALALALALALA WHAT THE ROCK !!! IS COOKING. The most electricfying superstar of our time. The people champion wowed us with his skill and ability in the ring and dazzled us with his showmanship out of it. No body can talk smack like the Rock because he will lay the smackdown on your candy ass. Slipped to number 4 because of his Hollywood status.

Its time to play the GAME!. When any competitor got into the ring with Triple H they knew they were in a fight. Triple H was usually the bad guy, but he made it fun. He had the ability and "the pedigree" to beat anybody (with some underhand tactics) but non the less he is the KING of them all and has won everything that the wrestling world has to offer. GAME OVER!

2."The Excellence of Execution" (originally dubbed as such by Gorilla Monsoon) and perhaps the most resounding, "The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be". Sheer poetry in motion when he was in the ring. He used brains over power and was THAT DAMN GOOD. Need I say more.

(BREAKING GLASS) Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the toughest SOB's to ever grace a wrestling ring. Did what he wanted when he wanted to and raised hell. Stomping mudholes in opponents and just disrespecting them you messed with the rattlesnake at your own peril. His feud with the Vince was legendary and he never was put on the back foot. Using the Stunner like it was the norm Austin 3:16 is a legend.

And thats it So the Question I ask you is

Watcha gonna do when Kman and MJ Run Over you, Brotha!
The Lone Writer


Dew said...

Haha I Loved playing the Undertaker in...when was it...97?

I hate wrestling but this post rocks. Boyish boys are such cute!


Mj and Kman need to find soap (!)

The K-man said...

Awww thanks Dew. Glad you thought the post rocks. And im not the cute lol hahahaha. and i am a boy :)

We need soap..... lol i dont smell do I?

Priya said...

WRESTLING = SOAPIE FOR MEN...dont you think it is all a bit strange, i mean, for the better part it is men in tights lifting each other up mostly by their crotch and flinging them?!?! far too bizarre for me.

r said...

i used to watch. a long long looong time ago. back when i hid my eyes from the undertaker cos he scared me. oh and my aunt told me he looks like shaitaan (dunno how SHE knew)

Dew said...


I meant soap soap soap as in Mj and K man need to get soap....Okay I'm shutting up now because according to my test my mind is as clean as a nuns.

The K-man said...

Priya: You are absolutely correct. Its a saopie for men plain and simple. Lol at crotch flinging hahahahaha.

r: Soooo cute r you hide your eyes :) Lol the Undertaker is classic he had and always had his scary look.

dew: Oh arent we naughty dew :P Some Nun you are hehehehe. Im wearing perfume now so im not dirty :)

safiyyamk said...

hmmmm i only 3 out of the ten... wasnt my thing but my cousin and i used to wrestle all the time, bloody boy used to beat me at it...

saaleha said...



M Junaid said...

well - i'm filthy. but its cool - we all cant be nuns - i'm lookin at your order - hmm

we both kinda agree on mick. i see angle is 8 on yours ( he is number one on mine :P)

our top five are similar - now we need to finish that gaming girl blog ma boi!

Ahmed said...

Great Post!!!
Andre - I don't remember watching him wrestle but he always seemed so cool to me, I loved him in The Princess Bride.

Mankind - I didn't like him at first either but he grew on me too.

Kurt - Not really a fan, I had mostly stopped by the time he came around.

Undertaker - Awesome! One of my favourites! He should be ranked higher.

Hulk - I admit it, I was a big fan.

HBK - Ohh, I was a big of him too. That 60min match with Bret was great!

Rock - meh, I was never a big fan. I'd put him higher.

HHH - Hated him as Hunter Herst Hemsley, as triple H he was much better. But most of his stuff was after I stopped watching. So I'd put him lower as well.

Bret Hull - Canadian!

Stone Cold - Didn't like him as the Million Dollars Man stooge but liked him when he became stone cold. Wouldn't rank him this high though since he just wasn't a favourite of mine.

What about the Roddy Roddy Piper? The Ultimate Warrior? and of course The Macho Man Randy Savage! He should definitely be on your list.

The K-man said...

saf: Now thats not nice lol him beating you he should have let you win. Hehehe

Saals: I seee someone is an undertaker fan. Do you own a long black trench coat?

MJ: Hehe yaah on slight differences. Yes the gaming girl blog would rock :)

Ahmed: Thanks glad you liked the post.And goo to see you know your wrestling. The reason the macho man or rowdy piper were not in was that myself and MJ like eliminated them from our top 10. Needed a uniform list. Visit again :)

queen_Lestat said...

hey...where's that dude with the blond hair and the bling jacket thing who looks kinda like someone I know *screams for brother* Rick Flair and the dude that died the day we were writing chemistry in Std 7 some cable snapped and he went crashing? I mean I remember him being there forever ago and apparently he's still at it. My brothers and I often have a laugh at the whole "wrestling" phenom. Mostly cos they don't watch it anymore. Hypocrites.

The last time I watched I think, was around 13/4.Frodo was a fan meeeeh.

LOL @ priya, yeah I agree and it's just to weird. And what's even more scary is that it's thought of as a "not for sissies" thing. yech!

mazozo said...

Yes k man its me whose holding the gamin gals blog up i promise i wil sort it out an post it to mj den we can an ord. Honestly i just have not had time!

Anonymous said...

hey! thats a great list but why not move hogan and andre up. rand macho many savage on there i mean come on already he was good. ok duh!