Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brain Smoothie

Dont think too much It hurts!

The blades spin churning up the past.

The past ruins exposed leading to ruin.

Thrown back to forgotten times.

Thoughts dissected, manipulated, eviscerated

Conclusions raised, hope disturbed.

Confusion reigns supreme.

The Mind plays a dangerous game.

Leads to self Doubt.

More Thinking Required.

Who can enjoy this smoothie its bitter.


Infinium said...

hmmmm... interesting, very interesting, i dare say Watson, you just might have something there... hehehehe...

Zahira said...

you posted it....
hmmm and the dance we dance moves endlessly...

kabuki said...

personally, i much prefer peanut butter and banana with milk-substitute.

Lobelia's Student said...

Wisdom as smoothie...Far more digestible than random cheese on back of sugar packets at the campus coffee shop. Applause.

saaleha said...

in the words of jughead, "i never met a phor i didn't like".

Anonymous said...


Priya said...

lurve the metaphor

mazozo said...

Yo dude nice one like the whole juxtaposition of the image an its associations lol top stuff man hmmm yeah drinkin this smoothie aint good yet i am an indulgent

The K-man said...

Infi: Who made you sherlock lol

zahira: Yes i posted a glimpse of my brain. I would love to dance :)

kabuki: Im not a huge fan of peanut butter.

Lobelia's student: Im glad you liked it and it was digestible. And so happy it was better than random cheese on thise sugar packets :)

Saals: Only you can make jughead seem so eloquent and deep. Glad you liked it

Hamish: Thanks for visiting. I think you liked it thanks

Priya: Well i needed to vent so yaah it turned into a metaphor. Hehe im an accidental Mataphorist and if you ask fatima im very accidental ;)

Mazozo: Hehe dude glad you liked it. I only realise now that i did that. The smoothie im happy to report is alot more sweet now.