Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Cold Constitution

The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of SOUTH AFRICA......./me cues the national anthem and a feeling of national pride... oh and you can picture the national flag in your head. Its something that this country and specially legal academics and politicians are very proud of. We all should be proud of it considering our rather less than happy past. Now im not going into the whole debate as to whether the constitution protects the rights of criminals more than innocent citizens because it doesnt.. it protects as all and affords us with rights that our parents and grandparents living in this country never had. So before I get told the constitution is nothing great I'll be the first to admit that its not perfect but honestly what is perfect.

Now why on earth would I blog on the constitution well I wrote constitutional law yesterday and this is part of the healing process were I "De-Constitutionalise" myself and get ready for my next paper. (Its a process so humor me ok) Now for abit of a rant I really loath studying the constitution its so monotonously boring and useless. You have to read articles written by bored men theorising about theories that only they understand. If you can read a 80 page constitutional article or any article on constitutional theory then honestly War and Peace is childs play. (No offence to those literary fundies out there). I just feel that basically constitutional law whilst it is based on the constitution is also alot of thumb suck. The judges feel it necessary to make judgements of over 100pages I mean WHY! DO THEY HAVE NO LIVES!. Do they like their own opinions so much or just have this completely sadistic nature that they feel the need to inflict hardship on poor law students......ok ill calm down....

When certain people mention/read the Constitution and how wonderfully democratic our country is they honestly seem to experience what I can only label as an "Constitutional Orgasm" With the reading of every section they seem to get more excited and flushed. "Section 7(1) enshrines the bill of word is'nt this a naught constitution....... Think I need a cigarette... but wait lets read another section" Jeez for these people (case in point my lecturer) it should be "sextions" not "sections" of the constitution. She makes it sound sometimes like she sleeps with the constitution and undertakes indecent activities with it, that hows passionate she is, now thats gross misconduct dont you think?

Ok I think Im almost done de-constitutionalising. On another note how cold has it been lately I mean I know this is lame but who left the freeser open? I've had the displeasure of studying it for the past week in which it has been so cold I could have sworn I saw polar bears running around Joburg. Its been horrible to study in this cold you just want to curl upon the sofa with a blanket some hot popcorn and watch movies all day. Ah now thats the life.

Well guys My posts may be few and far between until the 20th of June or so. Please make dua for me that my exams go well and that I will do well. I write on the 4,8,12,13,15, and 18th of June so im up a creek without a paddle so please your duas will be appreciated. Thanks for helping in my process of De constitutionalising. I'll see you guys on the other side, keep the faith and enjoy life. :)

Um Shiniwam!!!!
The Lone Writer


queen_Lestat said...

I enjoyed the parts of the constitution I had to read. Fairly self explanatory, but I guess studying it takes a bit of doing.

I love Tolstoy.

I don't like that song.

Lobelia's Student said...

'Do they like their own opinions so much or just have this completely sadistic nature that they feel the need to inflict hardship on poor law students...' We who studied Poetics and Lit Theory 701 feel your pain.

Yes, have also noticed freakish vindictiveness of unholy cold!

Dew said...

Its very cold hey K.
I'm back on your blog!

Its been so cold (and I know! I know! -its not as cold here as it is there because of the Warm Bengal current or something)
Anyway, its been so cold that my sister (we both have bad blood circulation) was walking around with a hige scarf and a jacket and the heater and shivering "I've got hypothermia"...which was hilarious really.

She makes me smile.

Goodluck studying Kman!

r said...

i maintain that most lawyers are boring old farts. No offence to the law students reading this, u guys still hav a while to go before you fit that profile =P

that is a seriously ugly timetable, r shall pray for you my good man. stay off facebook!

Anonymous said...

Absolute drivel.
I'm writing this subject in October - not too pleased about it :/

And yes, they do write opinions to torture us! Sadistic bunch!

R: *gasp* the horror! ;)

Digital-Entity said...


The constitution is a total load of garbage!!!!!

Utter tripe dreamed up by moronic people, and yes i don't fit the "Proudly South African" stereotype, i actually hate that line, it is pretty dumb, but kudos to the guy/gal who though it up, they probably making a killing from it.

I tend to look at things on a more realistic level, and not through the sugar coated glass that everyone keeps looking through.

Its so filled with loopholes and trivialities that it contradicts itself in multiple sections.

Yes i'll give it, its merit solely in terms of its "Freedom of Religion" clauses, but the rest is utter and complete bullshit as it does more harm then good.

I Hate it with all my heart. Utter Rubbish... so sue me, and if the rest of you don't like my opinion who cares.

Oh, and please don't come with that line: "If you hate it so much, why don't you just leave the country" cos that is bullshit too...

Now that i have that out of my system, and on a lighter note:


EISH!!!!! thats a crappy timetable to have man, but don't worry i know you well enough, so i can say this with confidence, you will ROCK ALL THEM EXAMS!!!!! good luck boet, hope everything goes well.

I'll come a knocking on your door now and then , just to make sure you are still alive, and give you a sanity check, because LORD knows if i don't visit you, you will not leave your room and have no FUN!!!!!!

We must have another conversation sometime, care to make another chicken run??? lol!!!! hahahaha


P.S. K-Man,with regards to PART 1 of my essay, i know you gonna kill me when you read this, but its cool, lol, you know me, i'll just laugh it off, and i wouldn't waste your time, because we've had this discussion multiple times and no resolution.

Cool Beanzzzzzz man, laterz...

The K-man said...

Queen: reading it is fine but there are alot of conflicting sections and the academic theory of constitutionalism is not very self explanatory. Why dont you like that song?

lobelia's student: Thanks for understanding the pain, what can we do against such reckless pain.

dew: hey DEW !!! you back heheh well thats good but im sure you very busy and will be leaving soon. LOl@ hypothermia shame well you going to a much warmer place very soon. Have an awesome time :)

r: Myself and Fatima will never be boring farts, we may fart occasionally but we assure you we going to be the hip and exciting lawyers. I need your duas r my timetable is taking no prisoners and i feel my sanity will not be spared. Ill try stay off facebook :P

Fatima: Fati dont worry ill be there for you. I'll help you tackle the beast. :)

The K-man said...

digital entity : :P bleh man lol you must go stay in zimbabwe lol hahaha

Digital-Entity said...

hmmm... zimbabwe you say... you know you might just be onto something there, with all the political unrest, i can get rid of good ole Bob, and there'll be a power vaccum, perfect for me to step in and assume the leadership... you the man!!!!

Anonymous said...

K-man: respect my man. Hope you aced it. God I failed it when I had a High Court Judge lecturing us. I really could not pay attention. It's that subject that causes most people to begin self mutilating themselves. Dont get me wrong I appreciate it and I am thankful for it but honestly, it's not that starightforward when you didnt pay attention for 6 months.

Take it easy. You'll style.

Priya said...

one of my friend's told my that constitutional law is the pits.
and i totally understand that it is difficult to study when so cold, damn it was difficult to work too!

Zahira said...

you know i just remembered i did the SA constitution for a project...its the best sleeping drug other then my bio text book lol
hmmm hope it all goes well this is just a quick drop by

saaleha said...

i'm sorry, all i read was constitutional orgasm.