Monday, June 04, 2007

Exam Update: "The Civil Inquisition"

Ok I cant stay away from blogging so shoot me or sue me! (Just use the correct procedure......ok thats a civil procedure attempted joke....ok I should stop and close this bracket...)

So I wrote civil procedure today and honestly I have no clue why but I didnt feel this nervous for a paper since matric maths (I hate I go with the damn brackets)....I was scared literally shitless. I assumed the worse and was panicking. Guess its an important subject and I need to do well in it in order to be a good lawyer/liar so maybe thats the reason. So I went to write at 8 this morning and im calmed my nerves with some classic FM and just getting into the mode and then you get people who ask you indepth questions 5 minutes before the paper...AAAAAAAH.... I hate that, you stressing and the information in your head is spinning around like a tornado and you can barely remember your name but this person asks you something that not even steven hawkings can theorise about. The last thing you need is someone confusing your already confused mind.

This is really a pointless discourse. Im just a bloggerholic :P

Paper: Civil Procedure

Outcome and potential Damage: Better than expected , actually enjoyed the challenge, Damage to my temporal lobe

Question of the day: What the hell is an edictual citation and why am I suddenly in a mood for a tuna sandwich?

Song that played my mind: Beethoven's 5th symphony in C minor and Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake

onversation of note :
x- whats your next paper?
me- property law
x- so do you learn the law of property and stuff and how to build houses?
me- I got to go.

Well have another update soon.....keep checking

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


Louisa said...

Crap! You almost gave me a mini heart attack! I'm writing Civil procedure tomorrow morning - and I thought for a second that I had the dates mixed up.

Good luck with property law - I hated that!

Priya said...

AHHH..the joys of exam time. i really do not miss it.

Anonymous said...


x- so do you learn the law of property and stuff and how to build houses?

I'm so lucky nobody has ever asked me that. I think I would've smacked them. Lol.

Libra said...

She who was Lobelia's Student: Hang in there. Exams can do weird things to you. I have been sitting my Matric Math paper in my nightmares for the past three days.

r said...

2 nights ago i dreamt i had completely forgotten that i had a media exam. sitting merrily in the coffeeshop talking crap and smoking hukah and then one of my classmates asked how i liked the postmodernism essay. and i flipped. woke up crying. LoL. good luck for property mo!

The K-man said...

louisa: thanks and sorry for making you panic :P How was civil?

Priya: :P

Fatima: I couldnt smack a girl lol but it was hillarious hehe

Libra: Maths scared me, it still does

r: Thats a scary dream, I had a similar one last year for my contract paper, i woke up distraught.

Louisa said...

Better than expected really...just read your new post. Good grief! How many subject did you take in one semester?!

The K-man said...

Louisa : Im mad Hehe im completing my degree one year earlier so taking seven subjects this semester, Business entities, property, civil, criminal law, criminal proc, succession, constitutional law. Next semester Pick up public international because business is a half year course.

I know insnae right?