Saturday, June 09, 2007

Exam Update: "Property Now"

Im suppose to be studying criminal law now but blogging is far more realxing and I need to calm my nerves, anyone who has done criminal law will sympathize with me....if you dont then I hope your Actus Reas and Mens Reas dont coincide and you have to prove contempreneity (yes a lawyer thing)

Ok so an update on my property paper which I wrote yesterday....well you know when you have pins and needles in your legs or your arms and its so uncomfortable and a painful that you cant move and just want it to stop and stretch out...................well this paper was nothing like that :) I was able to answer the theory questions well, I wont do amazingly good but I will pass. Inshallah Make dua.

However funny thing happened whilst I was studying. Well in certain cases parties are Applicants v Respondents (I wont go into any detail) and in the explanation of the cases the parties are refered to in short as "A" and "R". So im studying and when I read "R instituted a rei vindicatio" and My mind flew to blogging and in particular "r from Rhymes with Silver. Lol know im mad but thanks for the laugh and the moments break r :)

Paper: Property Law

Outcome and potential Damage: Not as painful as a tooth extraction or as gentle as a bunny rabbit

Question of the day: Mandament van spolie just rolls of the tongue in such a pleasant manner dont you think?

Song that played my mind: 30 seconds to Mars - The story

of note : A winnie mandela impersonator sitting infront of me....I was expecting stompie to jump out of that head gear...and scream IM BACK!

This next week is hectic, succession on tuesday @2, criminal on wednesday @8 and criminal procedure on friday @2
.... hope I can survive.........

I know I'm young but if I had to choose her or the sun
I'd be one nocturnal son of a gun....
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Lady said...

good luck:)
its just a means to getting to a point where u can have a better life

Zahira said...

dude you need loads of luck and stop mxing it hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I won't have to look at another legally-orientated book for a month you come up with exam updates!

Succession is easy.
Criminal is not so bad.
I can't comment on Crim proedure - haven't done it yet...

You'll be fine...iA :)

SingleGuy said...'re not alone...I think we all find other stuff much more interesting when it's "bums to chair" time...Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

aah butmost of the readers are doli incapax, therefore posessing no culpa.

queen_Lestat said...

This timetable reminds me of when I wrote 5 Honours papers in 10 days.

Wasn't fun.

Especially when writing on Ulysses which contains one sentence which is 40 pages long on a Monday afternoon...

...after writing a paper which was marked by Chief Justice Sachs, about his own writings, in the morning.

Followed by Derrida and his deconstruction theories a day later.

But like I always say, you worry too much, you'll do fine :P

*breathes and returns to a state of zen*

PS word verification is wzndfoor
(wizened foo R?)

r said...
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r said...

alleviating the mindnumbing pain of studying.. is only my pleasure ;) i just have one question.. is instituting a rei vindicatio a bad thing? o_O
LoL @ queen.

The K-man said...

Lady : Thanks :)

Zahira: Thanks for all the support :) its finally over

Fatima: At your request i stopped exam updates. Succession was horrible for me

Singleguy: Thanks for the goodluck

The King of scotland: Thanks for visiting. LOL at doli incapax ithink its more insanity

Queen: lol at the word verification

r: rei vindicatio is a remedy, yes its a good thing :)