Monday, June 18, 2007

Post Exam Rant......Durbs?

So the dust settles on yet another exam period. Like an atomic bomb the period before it goes off is filled with anxiety and dread then the bomb goes off and you are caught up in the shockwaves and the deafening silence, left to do nothing but wait for the blast to stop and for the dust to finally settle. I dont know if that made sence but as the topic states this is merely a collection of words in sequence...basically a post exam rant.

Ok so due to fatima's dislike of my Exam updates I stopped them, though I really didnt have time to post anything because I was so busy studying. I calculated that I studies around 10hours a day! Yet I still get such shocking marks.........there is a difference between being intelligent and working hard, im a hard worker. Hope the hard work pays off.

Last week was hecticly hectic! I really didnt think I was going to get through it and went completely blank in one paper (so wrote that off). I wrote final paper today, was tough but I survived. However after the paper i got invited to a good law firm for vacation work, so was really happy about that. The Almight has this nack that when everything seems to be going down the drain HE manages to give you something that makes it all worth it, it could be a new opportunity, a new friend, just something anything that reminds you that you are blessed. So guys my exams are over but please make dua that I do really well :) thanks

So I to have been suffering from P.I.S (Priority Inversion Syndrome) however I have been pissing alot, not pissing and moaning, actually urinating, however thats because of the cold and not a weak bladder. Ok this post not making sense so let me say what I wanted to say:

"I have a dream that one day this nation.......hehe no not really lol im not going to give a speech lol

Ok I got to announce this officially I think its good good news well im looking forward to it:

The Kman in his official capacity as JHB blog emissary and as a friend will be coming to


Yes the Kman (I got to stop refering to myself in the third person) will be in durban from the 29th to june to the 2nd of july. Hopefully I can meet up with some of the durbs bloggers and we can have ourselves a good old fashion blog meet :) Looking forward to it :)

The Kman is coming to durbs
The Lone Writer


Priya said...

yay! exams are over... for now :)
have have in Durbs

saaleha said...

Go Study!
darn, can't use that line now.


queen_Lestat said...

Congrats again on the vac work thingy :)

Bit of overshare at one point :P but this one made me laugh :)

The K-man said...

I have no idea why the last paragraph is in huge font....strange.

priya: yes for now, i have a year and a half left. So more exams to come.

Saaleha: Your tyrany is finally at an end, no more can you subjugate me to the "GO STUDY" system. It shall not bind me anymore. I have risen up and will get my cinnabon! YOU CAN TELL ME TO STUDY....BUT YOU CANT TAKE AWAY MY CHOICE NOT TO! FREEDOM!!

Queen: Thanks hey im so happy. They invited me for some gala dinner now. A bit of over share is good, it shows one is human. We all Pee we should be proud! I HAVE A DREAM WHERE WE ARE ALL FREE TO PEE! IRRESPECTIVE OF THE WEATER !

Libra said...

I have never been good at working hard; I enjoy what I do or I don't do, so I appreciated your exam updates.

Enjoy Durbs. Sounds like you deserved it.

Infinium said...

Goooooddddd sttttuuuuufffff boet... Durbz is gonna be fun... lol, i hope....

Anyways enough of the blogging, and go play some God of War now... Death, bring on the Death, and oh yeah before i forget...

I statrted doing some research on that little plan we concocted on monday... you know what im talking about... Sounds like it if i can pull it off it will be awesome... :D hahahaha

Anonymous said...

You see...I only saw it now!

Well have fun in DBN and pls give the DBN bloggers my love :)

I did not like your exam updates simply because they reminded me too much of my own exams...grr!

r said...

woohoo! as first dbn blogger commenting here.. i say awesomeness! talking crap in person should prove fun ;P
see you soon

mazozo said...

LOL aww i gonna miss the kmans visit oh well screw it will be there in spirit

Zahira said...

how is it that mazozo always misses the visits hmmm tough shit lol
MK mwah cnt wait cnt wait and i will def make a plan one way on the other on the discussed plans lol ;)

irshaad said...

dude, u studying st wits?

The K-man said...

Libra: Glad you appreciated it hehe, Im so looking forward to relaxing in durbs is unbelieveable.

infi: My good man ! we need to talk about that plan, organise who needs to be wacked and where ust I tell the guy to deliver the lobsters :P FORGET ABOUT IT ! hehehe

Fati: Bella bella bella (I feel extremely italian) Ill definately be having fun and ill convey your love :)

r: Aw so sweet the first durban blogger i thank you madaam r :) I hope its awesomeness and cant wait to talk crap :)

maz: its cool man, being there is spirit will be cool as long as its not in the form of a ghosylt apparition im cool :)

zahira: :) I cant wait either im counting down the days :)

irshaad: mr vawda yes i am at wits...I can say with much certainty that ive been there longer than you have. Thanks for visiting though. do come back now :)

Salma said...

Heeeeeeeeeey KKKKkman :)))
After such a long long time Finally i'm BAAAAAACK!!!
Miss reading your posts k ;)
So you've started your exams and now they're over too...Coool!
Don't worry Mohamed i'm sure your marks will be great insha'allah and sure I'll make duaa'for you :)
Durbs is a so charming and wonderful city as i've read about it, So EnJoY YoUr TiMe!!


The K-man said...

salma: it so god to have you back :) I hope exams went well :)

Anonymous said...

Invitation to Book Launch

Shabbir Banoobhai’s

water would suffice - reflections of love

Date: Tuesday – 26 June 2007

Time: 5.45 pm for 6.00pm

Venue: Quarterdeck, Point Yacht Club, Durban
Off Victoria Embankment - The Esplanade.

Guest Speaker: Thayalan Reddy
Hosted by: Live Poets’ Society, Durban

Infinium said...

hmmmm... Now why should i Forget about it mate??? it can be the first steps to creating a Utopian society... lol... hahahaha

Im all up for the Lobster.... hahahaha