Saturday, April 05, 2008


"WHERE HAS ALL THE TIME GONE?????" .........(Said as Captain Jack Sparrow would) . I guess blogging takes a back seat when life and other responsibilities monopolize your time (Or it could just be I have horrible time management). I have a theory that time is conspiring against me and is somehow short changing me with regards to the one commodity that can never be recycled and saved for a rainy day (I need to speak to SARS about getting a Tax refund for time or something).

Just imagine Father Time sitting sitting with your sands of time smoking some pot and thinking that it would be utterly hilarious to shake up your hourglass just to see if you can cope. Someone really needs to stop him...its getting ridiculous....... Seriously...SERIOUSLY !! (Jeez now I sound like Meredith Grey....who is not that attractive and looks like she is constantly crying and sucking a lemon, she has a scrunched up face). This is NOT HEALTHY.

I wake up, brush my teeth and before I realize it the day is over I cant remember what I did with the day and I have to sleep because if I don't I will get up the next morning looking like a zombie from one of George Romero's classics. I know you probably are all suffering from this and that I should just shut up and deal with but I think that we should be able to buy TIME RECHARGE VOUCHERS ! along with our Air time recharge vouchers, I mean there would be a lot less grumpy people in this world.

They (Whoever they may be) say that "If you don't make time you wont have any time". I personally think that this doesn't ring true in our technologically modern fast paced/ job centered /individualistic and eat or be eaten world. Our time is solely devoted to surviving or trying to achieve societal goals that we have no time just to live and enjoy. It is indeed sad.

If anyone has spare time to borrow me please do, I will be eternally grateful.

(This post is to announce that the Lone Writer is still Alive and Kicking....The End is not at hand Yet)

Shadows and Dust
The Lone Writer

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ZK said...

time keeps us apart :)
hey it flies but you have your priorities straight so i don't see a problem :)