Friday, February 01, 2008

Taking a back seat

These last two weeks have been somewhat of a journey of discovery for me. At times this journey was conducted in the dark leaving me to stumble through thresholds I never thought possible, though this was no fault of eskom I assure you as the darkness I allude to is a metaphorical one.

This journey which im glad I took no matter the outcome (I say that now but lets see what happens when it happens) has shown me things that I will remember forever and take with me into the future. It freaks me out when people say "dont worry there is something better for you in the future" and my retort to that is always an icy tongue "what if there isnt?", yes im a pessimist and a very committed one at that. But what I have realized in the hours of time that traffic gives one is that they are right and that when one door closer the Almighty or whoever or whatever you believe in opens another door and sooner or later you will unlock or pass through the correct door(jeez i hope its sooner.....patience.....patience).

Oh ive also adopted a Gandhi like stance on traffic,instead of looking at it as a frustrating annoyanced filled will suicidal taxis and worsened by loadshedding, I take it as time to reflect and ponder on my day and infact my life, its amazing what you can realize when you just utilize time, not all of your best ideas come from hours sitting on the 'can'. Could I call it 'introspection in a metal shell' where you try to breach your own personal shell.

Again im typing this on my phone so i should wrap this up. One thing ive decided is that I cant control everything in my life and that somethings are just meant to frustrate us and we need to be patient to realize the eventual fruits of our labour. It may not be what we dreamed of or what we want but i have a suspicion its what we NEED!

So for the moment I have decided to relinquish the drivers seat and let life drive for a while as im currently enjoying the view from the back seat.

The Lone Writer


r said...

isn't it a liberating albeit scary experience?

queen_Lestat said...

"...yes im a pessimist and a very committed one at that..."

And how...


Almira said...

Well brother I wish you well on all your decisions, you still have one of the best blogs.

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

the back-seat also allows you more snooze-time.

cathy said...

Go with the flow:)