Monday, January 28, 2008


Ive been cursed by Blogshedding or rather ive been blogshedded for the past month or so. Actually im still suffering this horrible affliction, im currently typing this on my mobile. What does being blogshedded mean? It means the inability to access the internet due to one or more unforseen circumstances primarily the fact that my pc is in its last moments of life and has developed the annoying habit of crashing and restarting every 15mins, the only way to remedy this crisis is to either to send the pc for sky diving without the parachute or using a sledgehammer and working out our differences amicably, i think the latter is suitable. For a moment you were expecting me to blame eskom, which is the logical blameworthy culprit these days. You break a glass...blame eskom, you stub your toe into a wall or chair.....blame eskom, you start going bald.....blame find your garden infested with mutant dassies trying to take over your neighbourhood and then the world.....blame eskom! Jacob zuma probably wishes there was load shedding around the time when he had "consensual sexual relations" he could have said he couldn find a condom in the dark or that "Aids" was unable to see him in the dark so he was safe. Anyways...

This gives me no time to blog let alone do work on my pc which to say the least is very very annoying. I intended to do a New years post and a whole resolutions thing but ive honestly had no time. Im currently on vac work at another firm and its awesome. Getting lots of experience and just loving the opportunity to learn and grow as a fledgling lawyer.

Besides the weather eskom has certainly darkened my days. Rolling blackouts, the country in crisis , that song "We've got the power" being banned! Not really its just been stuck in my head, and is annoying considering we dont have any power. So should we all start "packing our bags and go" , run away from the possible "zimbabwe 2: lights out".
Im not sure im still a patriot and i love this country and hate to admit it but we are in serious serious trouble. This is not as bad as the way bafana bafana play but its still bad. We are loosing millions , jobs are being threatened and confidence in South Africa's Ability to lead Africa in the global stage and be the one bright spark in a continent that is constantly embroiled in turmoil is in jeopardy....or have i missed the bus and has our place as leaders of the African renaissance long gone, washed down the drain with our politicians dirty laundry?

This country is my home but she is making it very hard to beat off the doom and gloomers who are a dime a dozen and defend her, which i have done and constantly will do even if im the last voice echoing.

Heres hoping that we are able to ride this crisis out and become a better nation and a better country.

sorry for the disjointed post. Just random thoughts

The Lone writer


ZK said...

i cannot believe you wrote all this on your phone WOW :)
hey SA is good and sure we heading down the wrong path and need a wake up call but i wouldn't trade it in for the world... i mean where else can you be shopping in a dark mall ;) yah yah you get what i'm saying right?!?!? (well i hope you do :P)
Personally we can keep blaming Eskom and the government and yes they are def to blame, but adapting to the continued load-shedding is building us as people and as a country. In years to come we can say that our genetic make-up was changed by these events and has made those after us stronger individuals and people...
i'm rambling but what i'm attempting to say is that there may be some good from all this bad after all :)


Prixie said...

you aer not alone...i feel betrayed by my patrotism, then feel even more betrayed by my I making any sense?

Infinium said...

now you see why i am not patriotic about anything??

I could say "I Told You So" but hey, why should I, The government and Eskom are doing a pretty good job at that for me, lol, oooopppsss no wait they cant, they don't have the power... hahaha

I miss the old me, i think he needs to come back... lol or maybe not... hmmm... decide i must...

Bilal said...

this discussion is very topical i see. well, i hear you. read this when you get a chance:

and ask infinium to read it too. i'm not saying be patriotic- just be aware and active.

Infinium said...

Read it, Bilal has a valid point, crime is crime, and there is no doubt about that, its everywhere in the world. Its just a 'tad' bit more prevalent here in South Africa... I'm very aware about what’s happening with regards to all that

And while I do agree with you, that violent crime exists everywhere, that isn't what i was focusing on this time around, I'm referring to the blackouts, at least the British government, ensures that it plans for projected growth in energy demand, and provides its people, the ones that voted it into power, with electricity, which has become a basic resource in the modern world on par with Water, and not come up with bullshit answers such as "We didn't predict that we would have such a huge upsurge in growth" to me that is the dumbest thing on the planet, after all they were presented with a white paper by Eskom, clearly stating that they were going to be unable to meet demand by 2007, and low and behold, looks what happened.

I'm fed up with this country, it had great potential, now it’s just a haven for corrupt officials, and moronic leaders who care about one thing only, lining there pockets with the hard earned cash of South African citizens, and providing them with nothing in return. Oh wait, sorry, I must retract that last statement, they provide us with False Hopes, White elephants if you wish to say.

And yes I know I’m probably going to be sledged for this comment by the TRUE PATRIOTS, but I honestly don't care. The reality of the situation is that what is happening around us at this very moment.

Bilal, please do not take this as an attack on your article and column or you for that matter, I'm not trying to rustle your feathers or anything, it is merely my opinion. Kman that goes double for you.

P.S. sorry for the essay guys.