Tuesday, May 06, 2008


From Amtabh to Aishwariya Bollywood is the largest producer of films in the world and is expanding its predominately Indian fan base to a more global market. Now I am not an avid fan of Bollywood cinema but I have been known to occasionally watch a movie here or there. I must admit that some of the movies are pretty decent and enjoyable. The music these days is very hip and catchy and some of the movies dont even have a musical number (case in point the movie "Black"). However as with Hollywood some of the movies are hit and miss and consist of numerous dance scenes interspersed with poor acting and yet more dance routines.

I watched the movie Race yesterday and I throughly enjoyed it, well probably more so because of the gorgeous Katrina Kaif (*Wolf Whistle*). I have a song from the movie stuck in my head (again probably because of Katrina Kaif) so thought I would share. Enjoy

Shadows and Dust
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Ta^KiLLa said...

Katrina Kaif is damn sexy..

Its good to see people appreciate Bollywood..

Respect !!


Zahera said...

Aaahh you missed the conversation last weekend :-P Heard your working on an assignment (or a number of assignments)! Good luck with it all Karoles!

M Junaid said...

Katrina is in my top six off all time. Shes number two atm