Sunday, May 11, 2008

We are not the Champions

Congratulation to Manchester United on their Triumph in the English Premier League. Congratulations to Chelsea on finally beating Liverpool in the Champions league Semi Final (Don’t Worry Liverpool will Win it next year naturally) but this post is about my beloved Liverpool Football Club so pardon my bias which will become evident as you read on.

The Most successful English Club in history is Liverpool, whether it be in England or Europe not Manchester United, though they are doing a very good job of catching up. Now I will bite the bullet and admit that Liverpool fans cannot continue to bring up the past in order to rebut the constant jeering from the Man United and Chelsea fans out their. It’s a sad reality for any genuine Liverpool fan to see the team year after year faltering, stumbling and choking (like a coal miner with the black lung) to finish and maintain the 4th spot in the league that has somehow become the teams standard. The bottom line is that Liverpool needs to perform and challenge for the league.

Don’t get me wrong Liverpool’s European success and pedigree is unprecedented and never say die attitude is feared from AC Milan (especially them) to Barcelona. But in the League Liverpool has become a club which performs below itself and is frankly only a threat to the smaller clubs. They are just not taken seriously and those soccer commentators and philosophers of the game cannot be blamed for their belief that Liverpool is not up the scratch.

Liverpool is probably the most difficult club to support (I should know). They inspire so much belief yet they constantly let down their fans by complacency and frankly football that is more apt to be seen in the Vanuatu Football League (No Offence to their league but lets be serious even Bafana Bafana could probably beat them). This season it was their inability to kill off teams and press home an advantage which led them to endure 13 draws out of a 38 game league season and that is not acceptable.

Things seemed to get better with the take over of the club at the end of last season by the American businessmen George Gillett and Tom Hicks. However this has gone pear shape as the owners have started a civil war (in typical American fashion) within the club causing the club to be in a state of uncertainty and this has affected the players on the field. Though I also believe that Liverpool’s players are just not up to the standard where they can compete with Manchester United and Chelsea.(Unfortunately)

Of course not is all doom and gloom as some players, Fernando Torres, Ryan Babel and Martin Skrtel, stood out and performed magnificently. Fernando Torres (EL NINO) broke Rudd Van Nistelrooy’s record for most goals by a foreigner in his debut season and the first Liverpool Striker since Michael Owen to score over 30 goals….which was long over due. He can only get better but the team needs a few new players with a similar pedigree to really make Liverpool a force again.

I will always be a Liverpool fan, whether they never win the league for another 20 years (lets hope not) or get relegated (again lets hope not), but I would like to at least in my lifetime see the club get back to the top of the pile in England. JUST ONCE !

All the best to Chelsea! Crush the Devils! (Sorry Liverpool fan mentality )

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Waseem said...

Its very frustrating to watch Liverpool play at times, I also am not going to stop supporting them but sometimes wonder how these players can get paid so much to do such a crap job.

People I would like to see going are Riise, Voronin, Kewell, Pennant and maybe Alonso. We need more creative, flair players. Lets hope for the best.

As for owners saga, I think Parry needs to go, and either they sell everything to DIC or Gillet sells to Hicks. We need stability, and Rafa might get annoyed and leave if we don't attain it. We can't afford Rafa to leave.

I think United deserved the league and Chelsea deserve the Champions League.

Prixie said...

boys and football...sigh

Prawn Cocktail said...

Boo hoo.
Sour grapes.

Soocer is a moffie sport

Dreamlife said...

well, then...what do u say now that we won both tournaments? :)

i do feel sorry for Liverpool fans - but it goes like that, in phases of dominance and underachievment.

i don't think there'll be that many dominance phases from any club anymore though...England is too competitive, with all the foreign investors throwing millions into clubs.

Mohamed Karolia said...

Dream Life: Congrats to Man united and I have to agree with you money rules the game