Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Return.....

Now I know I've said this before and there is no doubt that I will say it again but " I'm BACK!" (said in an Austrian accent akin to to the "Governator". If you dont know who the Governator is well then you dont know who he is and it shouldnt be something to keep you up at night so stop worrying and you can stop with that cross face....yes smile :)

I've had numerous returns to the Blogosphere and something or the other has kept me from maintaining my commitment to bring the Blogoshere my irrelavant views and thoughts.....hmmmm why do I blog again ? Is it because I enjoy tormenting my readers ? (You are currently hypnotized and are unable to hit the back button or type in another blog addy....wooooooo wooooo), or is because I want to take up my own person niche in this cyber community we have here ???? Who knows....and if you know please do tell me.

Life and Exams have been the main reason why Ive been scarce but also I just havent had anything to say...well atleast anything to write about which was worth writing...not like this post is a work of art ~(SPIT).

This year was my final year of studying....well lets hope so my marks come out next week ~(Shudder). I've been a loyal Witsie for 7 years (YES 7 and I didnt do a Bcomm now thats impressive). Two degrees later I find myself looking upon a future I never thought I would be following. I future filled with suits and legal jargon instead of one in a white lab coats and a scalple. Its strange how life take you on this journey where you have no control and flings you out on some different plateau of existence which you would never have thought possible. What to do but adapt and deal with the infinite possibilities that present themselves to you.....though you have to be open to these possibilities.

Tsk tsk...I have completely forgotten what the point of this blog was about. Lets hope my next blog post has a little more direction and a little less nonsence.

Oh and congrats to President elect Obama......a black man in the white house, now thats amazing, does that mean me are going to see MTV Cribs : The White House?

Kuwabara, Kuwabara
The Lone Writer


Khadija said...

:)) Welcome back!
7 years?! Gosh, we are getting along ;)Holding thumbs for the exam results...

M Junaid said...

hey motherfucker :D
I start my final degree soon - so thats another four years over and above what i have under my belt (make it five years - I'l be working full time)

'Would you kindly' ;)

Hasina Suliman said...

Welcome back :)

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

Nice to have you back in this space. May your exam results be uitstekend.

ZK said...

yay you back wooohooo
anyways good lucks to the results :)

the reason we all come back is that its leave it but you always attached no matter what :)

btw do you think that the names for spells in Harry potter come from word verification?
it says "vertiso" for this comment...
i wonder :)

Mohamed Karolia said...

Thanks one and all....I am addicted though mildly :)