Friday, May 01, 2009

The Practice.......

As the dust settles on yet another whirlwind month into my articles I am faced with another month that promises to be just as crazy, frantic,surprising and educational as the last four, I voluntarily turn the other cheek. With illusions of "Legal Grandeur" shattered and the images and expectations created by televisions shows like the Practice and Boston Legal cast into myth I finally begin to see a clearer picture of what my future may look like. It's a future of hard work, determination and the ability to get up when you get knocked down over and over again, never surrender ! The world of high powered suits, court room struggles and the blind justice to an extent is not as glamorous as it appears to the laymen who.....and this is a gross generalization.... believe that lawyers are only fit to swim in the river styx and prey upon the innocent like a serpent in the grass.

Ive finally... and four months may seem a long time...gotten use to the stresses and the reality that there is never enough time in the day. Days seem to merge into each other. the one indistinguishable from the other, before you know it deadlines creep up on you and so do clients calling you every 24 and a half minutes asking for an update. Things you set out to do on x day never get done because p,q,r ,s and even the square root of s crop up and have to be dealt with. However im trying to believe in the adage that states that "if you never make time how will you ever have time?" (or did i hear that in a movie?)

Everything a budding lawyer has to deal with is "URGENT", "IMPORTANT", "IMPOSSIBLE" and somehow whilst being pulled in 15 different directions you have to find some way to get it done. There is no such thing as "sorry sir but I couldn't do this", you either a South AfriCANT or a South AfriCAN ! and in today's world the latter of the two keeps their job.

Am I enjoying the law and its practice? well i havent quite decided yet......I could honestly do with some more Eli Stone days where the entire office breaks out into song to the tune of George Micheal - Faith....or I walk into a court and exclaim that I am DANNY CRANE and thereby automatically win a case. ! But unfortuantely life does not go according to a script which you and I can understand now but a script that will only be understood after we become the men and women we are meant to be.....Lets alll hope that we do.

Until we meet again
The Lone Writer


Anonymous said...

As someone who has a window on this world and yes, I can relate.

Get your articles done and maybe do legal aid work for organisations that need it.
Perhaps that will make you love the practice of law a whole lot better.

Otherwise, apply for master's scholarships at overseas universities and travel as well :)

ZK said...

Fatima has given some good advice... :)
me on the other hand will give you advice that would be beneficial to me hehehehe
stay in your job stick it out and become bril because you never know when i may be needing your help ;)

Azra said...

Oh I can so relate to this. Entire days passing by in a blur...deadlines. Bleh. I hate working :D

Hang in there, and know you're not alone. I agree with Fatima, seek international scholarships, it might be a more fulfilling/enriching experience.

Good to see that you still have a sense of humour in the madness :D

Mohamed Karolia said...

Fatima: I do intend doing masters after my boards this year either in cyber law or patents. Unfortunately ill have to do it makes the world go round.

ZK: Ill give you a discount hey :P

Azra: a sense of humor is all that keeps me sane :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

lol... all the best:)