Friday, May 08, 2009

You've got to be kidding.......

Does this sound familiar to you............

Prof ........ & Dr ...............
Acclaimed Traditional healers and Herbalists who Specialize in.....

1. Read & tell ALL your Problems before you mention them
2. Bring Back Lost Lover in 3 days
3. Ensure promotion at work
4. Cure any sexual problem
6. Ensure success as you get rich quickly
7. Recover stolen property and trace the whereabouts of people who offend you
8. Assure Protection in life
9. Cure any medical ailment
10. Ensure you marry the love of your life and that you will be happy forever
11. Ensure fertility in barren women
12. Bring you luck whilst gambling
13. Bring to see your enemies and make demands on them using a mirror.

All the above Guaranteed in 5 days

Consultation R50

All whites, blacks indians, coloureds etc WELCOME.

Can you believe this utter crap !!!

Now I've shortened the pamphlet and only included some of the skills that these "herbalists" claim to have. I received this pamphlet at a robot on William Nicol Drive, and I haven't laughed this much in a long time. Now Ive received these types of pamphlets before better never in this area (which is considered upmarket) and to my amazement these herbalists have opened a "practice" in Sandton. Yes in the heart of financial opulace in Johannesburg, surrounded by towers of glass and steel you can find these men who can solve any and all of your why are we in a financial crisis and why do people around the world suffer every day? ...hmmm I wonder

I just cant believe it and I think whats more suprising is that people actually support such con-men, how else would they pop up everywhere and now even in Sandton. Honestly who believes these guys? who actually goes to these men for help? Are the masses that Gullible to be lured by these con-men who prey upon the down trodden and steal from the poor? It would seem so. But then I thought to myself that ok maybe these people are so desperate for any assistance that they would go to these parasites. So we cant blame ignorance...can we?

These men who claim to have divine powers should be charged with fraud and arrested. I know that alot of South Africans believe in traditional Healing and it is regulated by the government but these men are just fraudsters.

I'll ask them to make my blog the most read blog on the planet, I suppose since they can do the above in 5 days my request shouldnt be a problem.

The Lone Writer


Anonymous said...

It works.
Zuma went to them.


Azra said...

Personally, I believe these are the end of days. Let me tell you why.

One of the major signs of Qiyamah is that Shirk and Black Magic will be prevalent in the streets. And these so-called "doctors" and herbalists do that exactly. What they are doing is black magic to "bring back lost lovers" etc. They use the power of the Jinn to attain their goals, which is also Shirk. And the fact that it has become so prevalent in our time is UNBELIEVABLE and very scary.

I actually wish we lived in an Islamic state where such practices aren't flaunted so openly and are punishable by death.

Waseem said...

lol thats bit extreme Azzy :D

I saw this mitch hedberg skit, he said when people give me pamphlets at the robot, its like they're saying 'Here, you throw this away' Hmm im not sure i got the tone right in the writing. I hoppe i didnt kill the joke.

Azra said...

Waseem - I wish I could say that I'm kidding, but I'm dead serious.

I know someone who did a study (Islamic) on them and the results were very disturbing.

There are some of them that have absolutely NO "powers"...and there are some that have absolutely no clue on what they're doing.

Zahera said...

Reminds me of the poem, "Faith Healing" by Philip Larkin.